Hospital Podcast Number 73

December 5, 2008 in Podcast

Mistabishi’s “Printer Jam” is finally unleashed on the podcast as London Elektricity hosts number 73…

Great new music too from AI, Break and those awesome Russians Bop as Tony fills you in on all things DnB in the run up to Christmas…

What are you saying?

  • warnerbro

    Can’t wait for the Mistabishi album to drop! Any idea of a release date? Get yourself to Leicester again soon Tony, Esko bar was sick. :)

  • ultraviolence

    wow… printer jam…. unreal.

    thanks from vancouver canada for the best podcast on the planet.

  • mr_infamy

    Can I please have a shout out to Andrew W from Dunedin, New Zealand, who listens to your podcast on minidiscs.

    Trivia time: I’m pretty sure the printer sounds on ‘Printer Jam’ are from an Epson Photo Stylus series from 1999-2001. Just played it in the car and I wasn’t expecting that! Great stuff :D

  • Roger Berkeley


    what a sick tune is printer jam.
    beamed me back to the time i had a commodore C64 and a needle printer.
    mistabishi definitely worked for too long in an office…;)
    i guess the printer makes a self cleaning in the break.

    the other tunes in the podcast landed on my wanted list as usual.

    nice one again…

    hope there will be another hospital takeover at fabric.
    can`t come at the 9th.

    keep it up.


  • fordy

    Loving the podcasts!! and all the new tunes that are out there at the moment!

    especially MRSA- Different

  • Armstrong

    Wow, what can i say, printer jam certainly was worth the waiting (and i’m thinking that mistabishi will defo be the next dnb artist to be playlisted on Radio 1), cannot wait for the album!
    Not to mention Hospital Mix 7! (speaking of Danny Byrd, can you give us an update as to how he is getting along with the ‘Just One Second’ remix??)

    Lots of respect to everyone at hospital, have a wicked xmas!

    Aaron from St Albans

  • 2mnyshp

    Awesome stuff!! Especially the MRSA track! Kept me awaikewhile riding the train to Zurich!

    cheers m8!

  • Laurie

    Great podcast this week, Printer Jam is truly the heart of innovation. I’ve gotta say that I’m loving MRSA’s Different too, it’s a great tune.

    And i’m glad to hear Danny Byrd’s mixing the next hospital mix, all the ones that i’ve heard in the past have been great.

    Oh and Happy Christmas and a Happy New year to the Hospital team of course

    Laurie Ewen from Essex

  • Archidub

    Podcast 73 was wicked Tony, somehow I sense that “MRSA” is soon to get a debut release on MedSchool…am I right?

    I also think that you may have to start the pre-sales for the 12″ Mistabishi LP soon…”Printer Jam” is one exceptional track on an album that is sure to be groundbreaking.

    I look forward to the forthcoming “ChristmasCast”…can you play “CLS-Black and White” in celebration of another year of wicked releases from Hospital, and also as this was the tune you played “in a fit of triumphalism” back on Podcast 15 when the podcast won the first BT award…as the podcast now has three, we need that tune again!

    Douglas Harding (now living in Cape Town, South Africa)

  • Dj_Xander

    massive respect to you & all @ hospital.
    & happy birthday to chris goss.
    still, loving the podcast.
    the tune printer jam is fresh, props to mistibishi.

    respect to danny byrd for looking out for me @ his second show in perth.
    was my first time out at an 18+ & i’m not 18 yet.
    told me if i was checked for id to say i’m his MC.

    Playing my first decent set @ an all ages event on new years, so i’m going to rise half of fsc3, 1 or 2 from your new special edition LP, & several other tunes from your label in an attempt to get more of the young crew hooked.

    hoping that you’ll come down to perth in the near future


  • Munkle-Berry Fresh

    Massive PodCast as usual

    Thanks for the shout out, got the essential mix, shopperz at the record store are going to be groovin to it all holiday season!

    Printer Jam – Golly Gosh!

    That MSRA “different” and that AI track, “crocodile smile”…I feel like I’ve grown-up a lil just from hearing ‘em

    “this dark matter nu:tone remix” – digital only.. awwww!
    wish US TV and radio would play some DnB

    BTW loved that “nerd step” tune couple weeks ago.
    Have y’all heard Commons new tune “Everywhere” its DnB’ish an was produced by Pharell. Any connection?
    Much Respect

    Dj Munk
    aka Munkle-Berry Fresh!

    San Francisco, Ca

  • dangowerd12

    as strong as ever!
    shout out to Dan and Dan from Hereford, bring some hospitality to the little City of hereford

  • joshpalmer


    Still loving all the podcasts you send out. I cycle from South London to the City everyday (about 8 miles each way) and the podcast always helps on the dark winter mornings. Loving the new MRSA – different track, but even more Girltalk by Roland Syncopix, could you tell me how to get hold of an mp3 as I can’t find it anywhere.

    Hope you, the Lady Colemanator and the Chairman have an awesome Christams and New Year and catch you soon.


    Josh from Fulham

  • 99love

    Hospital Records inspires me in all the song writting I do. Unfortunately, I may have to take you guys to court. I consistantly speed whilst rocking the Hospital tunes in my car. Fortunately for me it’s freezing in Canada, and the roads are icy.

    Hospital should come with a disclaimer: we aren’t responsible for you sliding your car into a telephone pole because our music makes you drive fast.

  • munt_one

    yes tony! love the latest podcast.

    If you can please give my missus Trin a shout on the next podcast i think she would melt and be mine forever!

    i really hope you make it to aus at some stage, i will hook you, and the family up with free accommodation if you do!

    is there any chance of getting hospital slipmats back in the online store?


  • Si

    wow… Printer Jam… wow… Different.. wow… Girl Talk
    I wonder what all those people around think looking at me jumping inside my car on the way to work ))

    Wishing you merry Xmas and happy New Year, Tony and all of Hospital!

  • tomwilcox

    Hey Tony!

    Great podcast again, I especially love the MRSA tune! Hope it gets a release soon… (or has it already? Where can I get it?)

    Haven’t been listening to the podcast for that long, but I’m glad I discovered it! The first one I heard was the one with Danny Byrd a few months ago… rather amusing, that :)

    Oh yeah, by the way, any tips on how to break an addiction to buying vinyl off the Hospital Shop? It’s costing me all my money…

    Cheers from the Netherlands!


  • kezla

    Probably shouldn’t say this…but I’m not a massive fan of DnB, with the exception of Subfocus and this podcast, which has prompted me to explore the genre a lot more in the past year. Being a Trance girl at heart its a whole new kinda sound for me…but when i heard “Only you” by Notion I had to find out if I could get hold of it…

    So I sent them a myspace message, and they weren’t aware the track was played on the podcast!

    So just wanted to say its great exposure for them, and your podcasts inspire even newbies to the DnB world, thanks for pointing me in the direction of many a good tune, have just purchased the “Symmetry” album by Break and Strangest Secret in the World is still on my current playlist on my ipod!

    Look forward to the ChristmasCast and will be entering that competition ;)


  • Kapulet

    printer jam greatly exceeded my expectations!

    Mitsubishi is a musical magician transforming the most irritating sound in the world into an amazing tune!

    also thank you for the consistent episodes!

    addicted for life
    ,Dustin Kapulet
    (Toronto, Canada)

  • wolfhood

    too right man, genius tune!

  • carl_brown1

    alright i need to know who mrsa is cause his music is just amazing differnt is such a brillent track i could listen to it about 400 times over and over on slow mode fast mode i could listen to it for days even weeks hhaha

    what a song

  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 73
    1. MRSA – Different

    2. The Burbs – South London Sound

    3. Notion – Only You

    4. Artificial Intelligence – Crocodile Smile

    5. London Elektricity – This Dark Matter (Nu:tone Remix)

    6. Break – Lightspeed

    7. Syncopix – Girl Talk

    8. Mistabishi – Printer Jam

    9. Break – Jungle Step

    10. Bop – Enjoy the Moment

    11. Martsman – Trueschool Drumkit Wonder

  • Marik

    Proper stuff as always! All tracks sound great. Break, Bop, Syncopix and all the rest are very good producers.

    Printer Jam, of course, is crazy tune. Never heard something like this before!

    P.S.: Had a nostalgic moment yesterday. Found some older (21-25) issues of Hospital Podcast on my computer =)

  • Maltos

    Awesome podcast as usual! Loving the Bop track!

    BUT PRINTER JAM! Jeeeeesus. It is absolutely amazing.
    Still waiting for the Greed / Lean release and then you unload this on us?! Cannot wait for the album. It’ll be the event of 2009 :)

  • katalyst

    Lovely lovely.

    Awesome to hear some Bop and Mistabishi both such great artists. Nice to hear some newer stuff from Syncopix as well.

    Big love to Hospital and all other dnb heads. Merry christmas and a happy new year!

  • Funok


    This new tune by Mistabishi is fucking awesome… Im looking forward for his forthcoming albumb!!!

    This was really a nice podcast again…

    Cheers Funok…

    (btw. Tony you forgot my shoutouts… im one of your biggest fans :(… but i know you work really hard)

  • Dalla

    Awesome podcast as usual. Very depressed at the moment as all my friends are going to Hospitality at Bighton on the 5th but I still have to wat till April before I turn 18. Your podcasts are keeping me smiling and making the wait go that extra bit faster. Keep up the good work

    Riccardo from Brighton

  • Colak

    PETITION for LONDON ELEKTRICITY to write the next bond theme!

    facebook link:

  • Maltos

    Joined Facebook for the Bond cause, hahah.
    What a quality idea!

  • KyonoRocks

    Tony! You must play Printer Jam tonight at Warehouse Project in Manchester. It would make my day

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