Hospital Radio – Bonus Summer Special

August 8, 2012 in Podcast

As the dates have worked out you get an extra show this summer, so here it is… Our bonus summer show, with Riley & Tomahawk. Enjoy it here or even better, head to the Ministry Radio Website now.

Hour 1

July 31.07.2012 – Hospital Radio
Riley & Tomahawk

Netsky – Love Has Gone – Dub Phizix Remix
Blumarten & Stray – Blind Soul Remix
S.P.Y – Future Tense feat Jo’s
Emperor – Monolith
Sigma feat Takura – Summer Days
Rene LaVice – Dank
High Contrast – Road Goes On Forever
Netsky – Smile
Nu:Tone – Shine In
Randomer – Summer’s Town
Maduk – Avalon
Calibre & High Contrast – Mr Majestik
Hour 2
Syncopix – Happy Happy Joy Joy
L.A.O.S – Panda Style
High Contrast – Global Love
Nu:Tone – Breathless
Tomahawk – Until Dawn
Netsky – Moving With You feat Jenna G
High Contrast – In-a-gadda-da-vida
Dkay & Lee – The Touch
LSB – The City
Placid – Particles
Cyantific & Dimension – Detroit
DJ Marky & Xrs – LK


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