Medschool – Bop Cast

July 28, 2009 in Podcast

To celebrate the release of Clear Your Mind the debut album by Bop, we managed to grab the enigmatic Russian on the line for a chat, and on the decks for a special mix.

Coming live from St Petersburg, this is well worth checking out as Bop brings you his awesome fusion of DnB, electronica and cosmos sounds. His debut album Clear Your Mind is out now and available on the Hospital Shop.

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  • markt74


    Please, please, please give a big shout out in your next podcast to the vintage record player you featured in your video of the Warehouse tune from Logistics. That track absolutely smashes it and I’m glad to see that old turn tables like that one are still around.

    Mark in Milwaukee

  • Riley

    Tracklist for Bop mix
    Bop – Lost In This World [Med School]
    Paranoid Society – Qunaba [Dub]
    Oak – Bedroom Community [Microfunk Dub]
    Bop – I Found You [Med School]
    Instra:mental – Watching You [Non Plus+ Dub]
    Bop – Ataraxia [Med School]
    Despot – Texture [Dub]
    Jalex – Giant Rocks 80 [Dub]

  • ArkeeDUB

    Thanks for doing this interview with Bop. Good luck with Bops album, I know its going to be big.
    Keep the podcasts coming Tony…

    Douglas Harding

  • Maltos

    Haha, great interview! Sounded a bit awkward at time but it was a nice insight into the man behind the tunes.

    Sick mix aswell! Hopefully by the time you get Bop over hear i’ll be able to finally get to a Hospitality.

    Once again, massive album! The future’s bright for Bop.

  • londonelektricity

    you’re right it was not an easy interview! but the music speaks loudest. or quietest in Bop’s case….

  • CheesyPOOF5

    Tony – was any DnB played at your wedding?

  • sk-tter

    My copy of Clear Your Mind came in the post the other day. Brilliant work, Bop!

  • Roger Berkeley

    bop is just amazing.
    my album of the month…

  • millsyboy


    I am flabbergasted, firstly with the quality of the Bop cast and indeed for his very special album but secondly, because I just got cussed by some horrendous pikey for wearing my Jungle Music tee shirt. There I was outside my south east london chippy with my dirty fish supper bopping along (sorry) happy as larry, when this thing and her kappa clad boyfriend bowl past, as we draw level, looking me up and down through her trowel applied mascara she spits it …”Jungle Music…. RUBBISH”…. shocked, stunned, not one retort materialises. After much reflection I have come to terms with events, safe in the knowledge my music tastes are acceptable compared to whatever auto-tune bollocks is the local flavour and have vowed to continue adorning the hospital label in the hope of a re-match where I will be completely honest with my assessment of her scuzzy legginged jabba the hut gladiator sandaled grease mullet hoop earinged ensemble!

    Bit of a moan I know but now thats of my chest I can go back to normal with the positive vibes, keep up the good work and see you at Matter come spetember

    nice one Millsy

  • DoubleL

    love the podcast mate, could you please give a big shout out at some point to Barosh and Foster; two aspiring djs hugely influenced by the massive selections on the show…

    keep it up.

    Cheers, Norm.

  • djb64

    Great podcast …. now if only i can find my copy of the cd ,its mysteriously going missing in my house since the weekend ,damn it!!!

    cheer up millsy … you know the score!

    by the way i LOL about the “scuzzy legginged jabba the hut gladiator sandaled grease mullet hoop earinged ensemble!” ,



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