Hospital Records

Hospital Records - Classic Siick Black

Classics Range

As part of our new 'Classics' range, we just had to wheel up the Siick Tees.

Harking back to the wonder days of Matter, these were often a uniform for the dancefloor.

Representing bold simplicity, textbook humour and solid swagger the Siick T Shirt simply had to make a comeback and we're chuffed to pieces about it!

Etherwood - You'll Always Be A Part Of Me

New Etherwood!

Etherwood offers the first glimpse into his highly-anticipated second album with a brand new single on Med School. Instantly captivating, “You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me” is a three-minute escape that exudes the polished Etherwood essence that we’ve come to expect, surrounded by symphonic melodies and emotive lyrics.

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Hospital Records - USB Pill

New 8GB Pill

Our fourth generation, all new and improved 8GB Hospital USB Pills! Flash drives compatible with Mac or PC.

Krakota - Ice Hands

Ice Hands

Following on from “Xylo”, Krakota’s “Ice Hands” and “Ghosts” duo brings a chillingly cold welcome to the second chapter of his Hospital release story. With both tracks delivering enslaving bass-lines that quickly seize your undivided attention, going hand-in-hand to display his ear-grabbing talent and sophisticated skill.

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