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In 2006, Polish maestro CLS became the second addition to the Med School imprint, catching the attention with tough, dark, future sounds. However, his early excursions in music production go way back and were full of ambient sounds, far from the d&b styles he’s making today.

“Black + White” and “Tell Me What You Want” represented some of CLS’s most daring work to date and, like all the artists on Med School, he gets the scalpel out and cuts deep. Dancefloors and patients beware!



Weapons Of Mass Creation 3 Their Names Were Trot And Melon (Original) CLS Weapons Of Mass...
Sub 150: Dubstep, Drumstep and the Bass Between My Lost Paradise (Original) CLS Sub 150: Dubstep,...
Black & White Black & White (Original) CLS Black & White
Black & White Tell Me What You Want (Original) CLS Black & White

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