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Danny Byrd

One of the very first artists to sign to the fledgling Hospital label - way back at the turn of the millennium, Danny Byrd's own inimitable take on soulful, vocal Drum and Bass has become a staple in the scene. His use of hip hop, house and R&B influences immediately began turning heads with his first Hospital outings.

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Dog Hill Dog Hill (Original) Danny Byrd Dog Hill
Dog Hill Fresh 89 (Original) Danny Byrd Dog Hill
Supersized Soul Function (Original) Danny Byrd Supersized
Weapons Of Mass Creation 3 Under The Sea (Original) Danny Byrd Weapons Of Mass...
Supersized Labyrinth (Original) Danny Byrd Supersized
Supersized Shock Out (Original) Danny Byrd Supersized
From Bath With Love Shock Out (VIP) Danny Byrd From Bath With Love
Supersized Planet Music, (feat. MC Foxy & Adrok) (VIP) Danny Byrd Supersized

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