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At the age of 8, Icicle’s musical muscle was already being primed as he began playing piano and soon stepped behind the drum kit. It wasn't long until he started making beats using an old school midi setup and aged 15 he became hooked on drum & bass. After purchasing some turntables and better music-making software, Icicle was well on his way.

Med School snapped up this flying Dutchman early in 2007 and delivered one of his biggest tunes to date in the shape of the massive bass-heavy dancefloor rinser “So Close”! Other labels soon took note of Icicle’s fierce production skills and he has gone on to release on Ram, Renegade Hardware, Soul:r, Shogun and plenty more besides. Big!



So Close So Close (Original) Icicle So Close
So Close Numbers (Original) Icicle So Close
Medical EP  So Close (VIP) Icicle Medical EP
Hospitality 2015 Problem (feat. Skittles) (Original) Icicle Hospitality 2015

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