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Kj Sawka

Kj Sawka

Kevin Joseph Sawka was born October 10, 1977 in Seattle, Washington. Kevin attended Heritage Christian School up until 4th grade, when he moved to Kenmore Elementary School. At an early age Kevin was involved in sports, as a lot of young people are, excelling in baseball and soccer. Due to an accident with an Exacto knife Kevin decided to sideline his catchers mitt and exchange it for drums. His middle school years were spent at Lake Stevens Middle School for 7th-8th grades and 9th grade at Skyview Middle School. While in middle school Kevin joined the school bands, where he excelled in what else but the drums. His high school years were spent at Bothell High School where he continued his love for music. In 10th grade he met up with future bandmate, bass player, Jeremy Lightfoot.

Kevin Sawka didn’t invent the drum kit. He didn’t invent jungle beats, and he didn’t invent drum ‘n bass. But by pairing these elements with his innovative approach to creating and performing, he is inventing something newer, more intricate, and downright eye-opening.



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