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Following recent output which graced this summer's festivals and the BBC Radio One playlist alike, Hospital switches things up with selection of deeper cuts which will penetrate the record boxes of the connoisseurs. Nu:Tone and Logistics, individually two of Hospital's most talented producers, unite to bring you something extra special. 'New Technique' is bass filled and ready for the floor. With DJ support coming from the likes of High Contrast, Danny Byrd, London Elektricity as well as Fabio, AI and many more.



New Technique New Technique (Original) Nu:Logic New Technique
New Technique Relentless (Original) Nu:Logic New Technique
New Technique Bigfoot (Original) Nu:Logic New Technique
New Technique Sundown (Original) Nu:Logic New Technique
Weapons of Mass Creation On And On (Original) Nu:Logic Weapons of Mass Creation
Sick Music 3 St Pauls (Original) Nu:Logic Sick Music 3
Hospitality Drum & Bass 2013 Hells Bells (Original) Nu:Logic Hospitality Drum &...
Morning Light Morning Light (Original) Nu:Logic Morning Light

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