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Sydney-based, classically trained, DJ / producer Dylan Martin (middle name “Royalston”) has been listening to Drum + Bass since ’93, producing for 12 years and DJ-ing for about 10. A man of many talents, Royalston is also an illustrator / designer and first got into music production when he was making a soundtrack to a 3D animation. His music is characterized by a raw, analogue sound with a tech-y edge (thanks to plenty of hardware like his favourite Korg MS-20) and he has released on labels such as Bad Taste and Black Acre as well as Med School.



New Blood 010 The Test (Original) Royalston New Blood 010
More Blood 010 Glitchbitch (Original) Royalston More Blood 010
Cerulean Blue Cerulean Blue (Original Mix) Royalston Cerulean Blue
Cerulean Blue Bonesinger (Original Mix) Royalston Cerulean Blue
Cerulean Blue Mantequa (Original Mix) Royalston Cerulean Blue
Sick Music  2 Tough Luck (feat. Mark Berry) (Original) Royalston Sick Music 2
Fifteen Years Of Hospital Late Nights (Original Mix) Royalston Fifteen Years Of Hospital
Blood Pressure Carnivore (Original) Royalston Blood Pressure

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