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Seal Slipmats (Pair) Seal Slipmats (Pair) Seal Slipmats (Pair)

Seal Slipmats (Pair)


Whether you're a beat juggling turntablist, or a collector of classic LPs, this brand new Hospital slipmat design for 2013 is the discerning way to dress your wheels of steel.

The red “Seal” design is our latest logo theme, in keeping with our current tees and other apparel, so be sure to grab a pair of these mats while stocks last to make sure your decks don't feel left out.

Also work well with Serato timecode vinyl, and non-hospital releases, but for best results use good old fashioned NHS wax!

All slipmats are glazed bottom and anti-static.


Seal Slipmats (Pair)

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