High Fidelity Earplugs

NHSM147 December 2014

Hospital Records is collaborating with industry leader EarPeace to change the way people consider their hearing health and the dangers of noise induced hearing loss.

Over the next year, EarPeace and Hospital Records will be collaborating to produce exclusive Hospital products and programs designed to ensure fans fully understand the steps they can take to look after their long term hearing health.

EarPeace plugs are very low key- the subtle design makes them virtually invisible and allows you to enjoy music better at live music events, as well as making it possible to have a normal conversation with fellow music lovers.

Each box comes with a sleek aluminium carrying case, high and medium filter sets and three ear plugs. The ear plugs are made of soft, strong, hypoallergenic silicone.

Nearly all our artists and DJs wear earplugs at events because they know that their hearing is absolutely essential to them continuing to make great music.

Hearing damage is permanent and once it’s gone, it’s gone - so don’t leave it to chance!

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