Blacklab & Leo Wood

SV080: 05 March 2021


Beyond gambling and hedonism, one of Las Vegas’ finest alternative offerings is Kashim Quinones & Kariem Rodriguez, or Blacklab as they’re better known. Following up their well received ‘Violet’ EP from last year, the pair reprise their role as Soulvent’s stand-out state-side siblings with a 2-track single further demonstrating their production prowess. They’ve teamed up with nomadic vocalist Leo Wood to deliver a dystopian, soulful number in ‘Lawless’.

The title track ‘Lawless’ is deep yet delicate, its measured intro builds beautifully into a smooth drop that delves deep into the darker domains of drum & bass with wonderfully warped bass work and crisp percussion. The atmospheric, distant keys are complimented by the smooth vocal stylings of Leo Wood, showcasing her stellar songwriting, brooding tones and soulful delivery.

‘Need 2 B’ on the other hand is understated and stylish, boasting a super catchy ear-worm of a topline vocal to boot. Shuffling shakers and crisp percussion pave the way for comfortingly warm bass that permeates the track. The seemingly endless variation on display means you can certainly expect to hear this track in many a rolling liquid set!

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