Laughing Gas


NHS45: 01 September 2002


Music from LONDON ELEKTRICITY, the duo behind the Hospital outfit has been along time overdue. What with the Hospital name being in the forefront of drum&bass, they have barely had a moment to get their heads down in the studio. However, somewhere between the faxes & phone calls and doing a recent Live Session on Radio One (accompanied by Robert Owens, Lianne Carrol and MC Stamina) they have laid down some stunning beats for summer 2002.

COME DANCING is a bright…. that all bubbles over a groovy bass-line. Infectious melodic beats that will brighten up the most summery of days.

DOWN LOW completes the double A-sided single. A smooth soulful roller that combines uplifting keys and tight drums gelled together with a sexy late night vocal. With a relaxed feel to it, it’s got Swerve/Fabio written all over it.

Two summer anthems that bring the hibernating LONDON ELEKTRICITY name back to the fore and whilst keeping the dnb frat pack busy at Music house.

This single is just a taster of the forthcoming Long Player from LONDON ELEKTRICITY. It’s is currently under-construction and should touch down early 2003.

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