Dog Hill

Danny Byrd

NHS109: 03 July 2006


This hot 12” comes after a cheeky appearance for “Dog Hill” on hospital's massive “Hospitalised” CD compilation. The Byrd man is back with this rip roaring bassline soul assault. Re-establishing himself in the last few months as king of fast soul music, with a whole raft of dubplate goodness.

Taking its name from an infamous rendezvous just off the M4, “Dog Hill” has all the ingredients for a summer smash! Rolling oldskool hip-hop chops, off beat snare rolls and one snarling P-funk sub-line have made it a firm favourite with 1Xtra's DJ Bailey, Total Science, not to mention Hospital's own heavyweight selectors.

If you don't find what you're looking for at Dog Hill, fasten your seatbelt and turn up the stereo for “Fresh 89”. The classic Byrd sound we all know and love is rolled out in a 2006 style. With the most euphoric D&B build up commited to vinyl for as long as we can remember, this has been causing absolute mayhem on the dancefloor at Hospitality.

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