NHS347: 12 April 2019


He’s captured the hearts of our drum & bass family with his spectacular debut single ‘Poveglia’ and his lyrical magic on the ‘Mixtape Sprayout’. Now MC and singer/songwriter Degs takes his D+B domination one step further with his 2019 rework of Adamski and Seal’s 90's dance anthem, ‘Killer’.

Bridging the gap between generations, his ‘Killer’ cover is packed with all of the original punch, filled with nostalgic rave piano and synth sensations. It’s rewired with fresh drumwork and Degs’ unmistakable and powerful vocal performance of this iconic chart-topper.

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1 Killer (Original) Degs 3:38 Album Only
1 Killer (Original) Degs 3:38 Album Only

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