I Will Wave To You / Heterize


NHS425: 14 May 2021


Hospital Records proudly unveil brand new music from Etherwood, a multi-skilled musician who crafts some of the most elegant drum & bass, igniting souls worldwide. His latest two-tracker ‘I Will Wave To You / Heterize’ is an exciting insight into his fourth album project, where you can expect his own standout vocals immersed in ethereal soundscapes. With Etherwood’s music being a true reflection of his nature and mindset, when he isn’t crafting beats you can find him roaming free in his trusty van, bringing meditation and philosophy into his unique sonic identity.

‘I Will Wave To You’ features Etherwood’s instantly recognisable vocals which have been pivotal in establishing his signature sound over the years, evidenced in staple discography highlights such as ‘Begin By Letting Go’, and his more recent ‘Isolation Jams’ project. Minimalist percussion shuffles and a warming sub bass lay the groundwork for blissful atmospheres drenched in serenity.

Demonstrating his versatile production technique, ‘Heterize’ is a breathtaking liquid instrumental as skippy synth riffs and polished drum work take you on a journey into the deeper realms of drum & bass. Etherwood does it again with his musical footprint that will leave you hypnotised in your own emotions.

Since the release of his self-titled debut masterpiece on Med School back in 2013, Etherwood’s meteoric rise has seen him become a household name within the world of drum & bass. With three studio albums under his belt including ‘Etherwood’, ‘Blue Leaves’ and ‘In Stillness’ which garnered support from a variety of BBC Radio 1 tastemakers including Annie Mac and MistaJam, 2021 is carving itself out to be yet another cornerstone moment of Etherwood’s career with lots more classic singing & songwriting-infused drum & bass on the way.

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1 I Will Wave To You (Original) Etherwood 4:19 Album Only
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1 I Will Wave To You (Original) Etherwood 4:19 Album Only
2 Heterize (Original) Etherwood 4:37 Album Only

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