Small Talk


SV012: 31 May 2015


Soulvent Records return to the scene with their 12th release to date. This one is from the latest addition to the ever-expanding family - talented young duo Tom Alston & Jonathan Campbell, better known as GLXY. The single opens with the epic A side ‘Small Talk’ - a soulful, liquid masterpiece, dabbling in the darker side of the genre. The intro brings luscious piano chords and a soothing vocal line, quickly followed by clean, cutting percussion to pre empt a deep & almost glitch inspired bassline on the drop. The B side ‘Trinity’ follows with similar vibes to the title track. With a choppy, melodious vocal sample & dark bass grooves, ‘Trinity’ touches on the rougher edges of the Soulvent sound. The 2 tracks give a pretty clear idea of what these guys are about - a truly harmonious medium between light, fluffy liquid and dark, glitchy tech. GLXY are definitely ones to watch out for.

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