Exposed EP


SV018: 08 February 2016


Jonathan Campbell and Tom Alston, aka GLXY, are back! Fresh from releasing on MTA Records the two return to Soulvent with a stunning 4 track EP. The London based team deliver a solid collection of rollers, giving a true insight into the slick and refined bass sound they've orchestrated in the short time they've been producing. 'Introspective' is an understated opener to the EP. A minimal, somewhat haunting start leads us into the spooky repetitive female vocal, almost robotic in tone, prior to a dose of a rib-rattling sub bass. Atmospheric swells and bass twangs keep us rolling along, while the boys' less than safe bass work keeps our attention. The title track, ’Exposed’, kicks off with a minimal drum lick, opening out into a dark relief - a somewhat ravey pad, tinged with guttural low-pitched vocal chops and sub stabs. The drop sees a truly low-down roller come to life, minimal in its composition yet never boring. The second drop sees further bass exploration, with various rhythmic components keeping our attention. ‘Lonely’ features esteemed singer Belle Humble and opens with an enveloping sense of calm, as soothing vocals blend perfectly with reserved piano chords. The haunting rhythm and tone introduce restless counter melodies crescendoing to a raw, bass driven, chest-thumping drop. The pair effortlessly structure each interesting component part of the track, balancing hypnotic vocals against sprawling synths. Last track up 'Marquis' sees the London pair collaborate with Fokuz veteran, Malaky. The intro offers up a calmer side to this 4-track release, resulting in a solid drum groove, giving way to airy soft pads and a cutting synthetic vocal. The drop promises more trademark bass work, with solid synth and composition. All in all, this stellar 4 track EP sees the duo return to Soulvent in true GLXY style.

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1 Introspective (Original) GLXY 5:17 £0.99
2 Exposed (Original) GLXY 4:57 £0.99
3 Lonely (feat. Belle Humble) (Original) GLXY 5:31 £0.99
4 Marquis (Original) GLXY & Malaky 6:04 £0.99
1 Introspective (Original) GLXY 5:17 £0.79
2 Exposed (Original) GLXY 4:57 £0.79
3 Lonely (feat. Belle Humble) (Original) GLXY 5:31 £0.79
4 Marquis (Original) GLXY & Malaky 6:04 £0.79

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