Shadows and Silhouettes SKATEBOARD BUNDLE

Hugh Hardie

NHS355BUNDLE: 28 June 2019

Limited edition

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Only 50 Skateboards made!

  • 1 x Shadows and Silhouettes VINYL (2 X 12”) + CD & MP3
  • 1 x Shadows and Silhouettes SKATEBOARD

Skateboard tried and tested by the Man, Hugh, himself!

Spec below:

-Standard shape

-8.375” Width

-14.2” Wheel Base

After a two year hiatus, Bristol-based Hugh Hardie returns with 13-stunning tracks on his second studio album, ‘Shadows & Silhouettes’. After the success of the ‘Colourspace’ LP, he’s continued to develop his drum & bass style, producing a plethora of beautiful summer liquid, slick drumfunk and smooth down-tempo beats. He’s teamed up with the high-rising talents Pola & Bryson, Silence Groove and Unglued, as well as singer-songwriters Emer Dineen, Cimone, Robert Manos and Charlie Brix.

Kicking things off is a glistening dose of summer soul, ‘Raindrops’ featuring London-based singer/songwriter Cimone. Calling back to the Hospital loungecore sound, this stunning liquid roller brings untold levels of elegancy with soothing piano and that feel-good flavour Hugh Hardie is loved for.

Another shade of Hugh Hardie’s latest musical design is ‘Resistance’. An unlikely pairing with Hospital’s young wildcard Unglued but this drum-heavy dancefloor monster has all the stand-out trimmings of a jungle banger with skittering synths and warped vocal cuts.

Back down the path of soul-filled drum & bass is ‘Endless’ featuring Emer Dineen, a voice recognised for her many features on London Elektricity’s own productions. Plus there’s ‘Negomi’, with its funky bassline riff and east-asian inspired string work.

In addition to an impressive array of solo D+B productions, ‘Shadows & Silhouettes’ also sees a special feature from Shogun Audio’s Pola & Bryson on ‘Siren’. Together they’ve created a real stand out moment of the album with this captivating garage / breaks 130BPM road trip.

Available across digital and streaming platforms, CD, and 2x12” transparent hot-fuschia and ocean-blue coloured vinyl, with artwork design from fellow Cambridge turned Bristol-based artist, Mr Penfold.

(Inner sleeve design by Ricky Trickartt, Skateboard composition by Ollie Owens)

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Skate Bundle (Vinyl + CD + SKATE) (+MP3s) Out of Stock
  • Skate Bundle (Vinyl + CD + SKATE)
1 Raindrops (feat. Cimone) (Original) Hugh Hardie 3:48
2 Evening Red (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:32
3 Footprints (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:05
4 Endless (feat. Emer Dineen) (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:56
5 Resistance (feat. Unglued) (Original) Hugh Hardie 5:03
6 Negomi (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:50
7 Surveillance (feat. Silence Groove) (Original) Hugh Hardie 3:52
8 Siren (feat. Pola & Bryson) (Original) Hugh Hardie 5:13
9 Tomorrows Sun (feat. Robert Manos) (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:29
10 Cold Touch (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:51
11 Behind The Reels (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:15
12 Offshore (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:22
13 A Deeper Blue (feat. Charli Brix) (Original) Hugh Hardie 4:11

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