SV028: 13 March 2017


Catapulting themselves into 2017, young production pair In:Most are making waves across the Drum & Bass scene. Based on opposite sides of the globe, Josh Croft (Cambridge) & Bailey Greer (Brisbane) are living proof that music knows no bounds. Having worked together since early 2012, yet only announcing it officially in 2015, the duo are pushing out some solid material. Namely their ‘Cloudfish EP’ out on Silent Audio, and the ‘Pictures In My Mind EP’ on Goldfat. Fresh from collaborating with the likes of Logistics on ‘Sheung Wan’, the pair now offer up , a 3-track slice of soul on our own young Soulvent Records imprint.

Opener ‘I Know’ eases in smooth pianos shaded with atmospheric padding, flanked by rhythmic clicks and sweeps. All backed up with a beefy drum break and a churning bassline, this sort of silky-smooth roller is fast becoming In:Most’s calling card.

’Changes’ kicks off with a purely positive, jazz-tinged energy. We’re talking feel-good sparkles, pizzicato strings and glossy toplines. Coupled with a screw-face bass and innovative vocal chops, it’s a prime example of their nostalgic yet forward-thinking sound.

To round off the cut, their ’I Can’t Do VIP’ runs a more than welcome half-time reimagining of the original from last years’ Soul Sessions Vol. 2. With its playful, plucky arpeggiated synth, lustrously soft pads and rumbling, warm low-end, there’s more than an enough to reinvigorate the original release: our first offering from the duo, not even half a year old!

With an impressive string of releases in only 5 months, these are two producers who show no signs of slowing down over the course of the year.

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