SV041: 04 May 2018


In:Most return to Soulvent with their most garish and gully helping to date! Since starting their journey together back in 2013, the duo have bridged the Brisbane-Cambridge gap and now reside firmly in the UK. Fresh from their latest work – featuring on the latest Logistics album ‘Hologram’ – the Cambridge duo offer up this 2 track smasher, another strong reminder of the young duo’s talent, and the bright future ahead of them. 

Thekla, nostalgically named after the famous floating club in Bristol’s Mud Docks, delivers in moody sub bass and menacing textures, a jungle inspired banger, perfect for those dark dance floors!

At Last is trademark In:Most: slow, soft atmospherics; full of measured, steady and longing vocals, and a weighty drum break to remind you – as if you needed reminding – what these two are all about.

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