Crimson Eyes


SV051: 01 March 2019


To celebrate the first day of Spring, we proudly welcome the return of Cambridge based favourites In:Most and their new single Crimson Eyes. Hot on the heels of their recent contributions on our massive 5 Years of Soulvent compilation - and their impressive collaborative endeavours on Hospital Records’ annual Sick Music alongside Saikon - the duo return with another two track release that provides two diverse, yet equally satisfying tunes.

Crimson Eyes is a textbook example of what In:Most do best. Swelling arpeggios, soft oozy synths and an undeniably memorable hook are the order of the day. The tune starts off with rising synth notes that drop into crisp, high energy drums. Expect to see this tune filling out this year’s festival stages!

Uh! meanwhile features long-time friend and second-time caller, Walk:r. The trio exercise a more tech-driven approach on this one, a naughty stepper where the sub-bass and surprise hits keep you guessing throughout. Uh! certainly packs a punch befitting the title.

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2 Uh! (feat. Walk:r) (Original) In:Most 4:36 £0.79

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