Domino Effect


SV105: 10 June 2022


The delightful pairing that is journeymen Bailey Greer and Josh Croft have cooked up something decidedly naughty to ring in the Summer this year. Following up ‘Silhouette (feat. Visionobi)’, ‘Android Funk’ and their wonderful reimagining of ‘Ghost Mode’ - the spritely duo have concocted something a little weightier for summer 2022 and we’re totally here for it. This pulsating, cascading number is ready to annihilate ballrooms and bassbins alike, just in time for festival season.

‘Domino Effect’ gets going with smooth pads and a calm atmosphere which are quickly met by our foreboding robotic narrator who warns of our inevitable, impending doom. This chain-reaction of groove is thick with a palpitating, schizophrenic bassline and crisp drums. These are further complemented by lush swells of pads and vocals and a myriad of glitching switch-ups and fills spanning the aural elements at play.

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