Life Cycle - Test Press


MEDIC40TP: 24 November 2017

Hand stamped. Numbered. Limited Edition.

Yes please!

These won't be around long, absolute buy on sight action.

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Vinyl Test Pressing Out of Stock
  • Vinyl Test Pressing
Side A
1 As One (feat. Pat Fulgoni) (Original) Keeno 4:46
2 Nocturne (Original) Keeno 5:40
3 Borderless (feat. Whiney) (Original) Keeno 4:58
Side B
4 Scripted (feat. Louisa Bass) (Original) Keeno 4:52
5 Innocence (Original) Keeno 4:12
6 Moonrise (feat. AZEDIA) (Original) Keeno 6:49

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