Live Drum & Bass Drums

Kj Sawka

NHSSAMP003: 18 December 2008


Hospital Records continue their Loopmasters sample pack series by bringing you Kevin Sawka's goldmine of Jungle, Drum'n'Bass and Breakbeats utilizing no loops and no extended samples -only his two hands and two feet. If you can catch him in the right moment - live, at a show, or in a studio session - you'll witness him perform each and every 808 bass kick, snare slap, and compressed high hat tick himself, in real-time - now you have the chance to capture the essence of this man within your own recordings - using the 'KJ Sawka - Live Drum and Bass Drummer' sample package from Loopmasters.

This highly versatile and original sample collection contains a vast array of live drum and bass drum samples and loops, utilizing many custom kits and recording techniques, played by a master of his art - and giving you the producer ultimate flexibility when approaching your productions, whether you are making Drum and Bass, Downbeat, Hip Hop or other Broken Beat styles.

“The Sample Pack solely consists of all Types of Drums- I used over 14 different drum sets” KJ Sawka With A & R coming from Hospital Records, the KJ Sawka Live Drum and Bass collection features over 600MB original content including 351 dry Live Drum and Bass Drum loops captured through a vintage neve console, 46 FX drum loops, over 100 live drum hits from multiple custom kits, Percussion and top Loops, and 19 drum kits pre-programmed for creating your own patterns, including full kits, percussion, cymbals, kicks, snares and FX kits. “KJ Sawka is the sort of drummer who could give Squarepusher a run for his renegade snares. Listening to him, you wonder, 'Is it live or digital? Human or sample?'”


500 Acidised Wav Files 400 Drum and Bass Drum loops 100 Drum Hits 19 Patches inc ready to play kits 500 Rex2 Samples, Apple loops Reason Refills

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