Reality Checkpoint EP1


NHS135: 31 March 2008

We've just found some of the records for this release in the warehouse with some slight sleeve damage. Grab a bargain at a crazy low price and snap these up. They are all in perfect working order

The first of two simultaneously released Logistics EPs - This one features the Album's title track “Reality Checkpoint” as well as the massive epic “Slow Motion” the dancefloor workout of “Daybreak Sequence” and the electro futurism of “Cocoon”. Logistics once again proves that he's a man for all seasons. Like the Luke Skywalker of d&b, Matt Gresham continues to flirt with both sides of the force, bringing us beats that are as emotive and elegant as they are urban and tough.

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2x12" (+MP3s) Out of Stock
  • 2x12"
1 Reality Checkpoint (Original) Logistics 6:00
2 Slow Motion (Original) Logistics 5:16
3 Daybreak Sequence (Original) Logistics 4:18
4 Cocoon (Original) Logistics 4:48

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