Reality Checkpoint EP2


NHS136: 31 March 2008

Part two of the Logistics “Reality Checkpoint” vinyl release is this second heavyweight EP. “Lullaby” is the kind of track which has made logistics a superstar - Deep and deadly with an ear catching riff. “Waiting Line” comes with the industrial grind, complete with a glitchy rhythm track and off beat finger clicks. On the second plate “96” harks back to the glory days featuring a classic “horizons” break and choice mc snippets. Rounding things off is “Trying Times” a Bristolian bubbler to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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1 Lullaby (Original) Logistics 5:24
2 Waiting Line (Original) Logistics 4:52
3 96 (Original) Logistics 5:42
4 Trying Times (Original) Logistics 5:11

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