SV079: 19 February 2021


Ben Downton, aka Low:r, is an exciting young producer based in Horsham, UK. 2020 saw him release music across a host of well-known labels including Liquicity, Fokuz, and progRAM - netting nearly a million streams on Spotify alone! Kickstarting the year, Low:r firmly returns to the realms of 170 BPM after the playful future-garage sounds of ‘Suppression’ on our ‘Soul Music 2020’ compilation. Now back on Soulvent with his first standalone release since 2018, we proudly present his exuberantly titled 2-track single ‘Pixel’.

‘Pixel’ blends high-resolution pads and arpeggios with an ever-familiar talkbox synth, resulting in the kind of funk that Low:r is rapidly becoming known for. The progression throughout the track keeps you guessing and is evocative of many a video-game from the past decade.

‘Well’ opens with an array of precision cut percussion elements before a drop so deep, you’ll be asking Lassie to go and get help. Strings, pads, synths and all manner of aurally intriguing sounds sit atop high-energy drums, providing the perfect backdrop for your next soirée.

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