Crate Six Seven TP


NHS343TP: 02 December 2018

Hand-numbered. Disco Sleeves. Ultra-rare.

Hospital Records proudly presents the debut long-player from the illusive and ingenious Mitekiss. Flirting with an array of drum & bass styles, ‘Crate Six Seven’ inhabits the deeper realms of liquid-jazz, soul and ambient jungle across 14 tracks.

The album’s title track encapsulates the essence of Mitekiss’ well-known style with soothing tones and a hypnotic percussion guiding the track, along with the enchanting ‘Hutan’, with its silky and delicately soft sonics.

Taking a darker turn is the murky apparition, ‘Lenz’ that’s fuelled by the ominous, supernatural vocals of Mr Porter. Embracing the roots of its craft, ‘Human’ takes the form of a vintage amen weapon. It’s dancefloor friendly but doesn’t shy away from the oldskool atmospherics that elevate it to future-classic status.

Mitekiss may have his trademark deep-liquid flair but ‘Crate Six Seven’ cements his versatility with stunning vocal tracks ‘Another Sad Song’ and ‘Viewpoint’, through to the curiously creative ‘Straw Man’. Collaborations with the likes of Emer Dineen, Mr Porter, Naibu and Emeliene Chouadossi highlight the breadth of styles within Mitekiss’s repertoire. With exciting live performance prospects on the horizon this production paragon has exceeded all expectation with what is undoubtedly one of the finest D+B albums of the year.

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3 x 12" (+MP3s) Out of Stock
  • 3 x 12"
Side A
1 Crate Six Seven (Original) Mitekiss 5:24
2 Body Move (Original) Mitekiss 5:24
3 Farmost (feat. Emer Dineen) (Original) Mitekiss 5:17
Side B
1 Hutan (Original) Mitekiss 5:15
2 Lenz (feat. Mr. Porter) (Original) Mitekiss 5:07
3 Another Sad Song (feat. Mr. Porter) (Original) Mitekiss 4:48
Side C
1 Human (Original) Mitekiss 5:16
2 Turn Up (Original) Mitekiss 5:13
Side D
1 Viewpoint (feat. Emilienne Chouadossi) (Original) Mitekiss 5:16
2 Fellowship (feat. Naibu) (Original) Mitekiss 5:41
Side E
1 Genesis (feat. Mr. Porter) (Original) Mitekiss 4:48
2 Straw Man (Original) Mitekiss 5:21
Side F
1 Goolab (Original) Mitekiss 5:18
2 Flight (Original) Mitekiss 5:25

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