I'm Free (feat. Kojo)


SV093: 01 October 2021


When Shigeta Kamiyama, better known as Mountain, released his first single ‘Overheat’ on Soulvent back in 2018, no one really knew the heights he could reach. Now, after releasing on some stellar labels such as Med School, Hospital, High Tea and Skankandbass, we proudly present the debut single from his forthcoming self-titled album. Mountain has teamed up with soulful English singer-songwriter Kojo and it certainly does not disappoint.

The intro sees Kojo invite you to join the congregation before the church organ will have you closing your eyes and raising your palms to the sky. Our lead reminisces wistfully on meeting his love interest, while the breathy tones from the organ accompaniment provide a warmth in tone. Movement and rhythm quickly develop through the chord progression, as Mountain builds the tension with pulsing kicks and claps. A palpable elation runs through the vocal elements of the track, as Kojo rejoices at having finally departed from his once lover. The drop brings in a high-energy bassline and synth stabs whilst the snappy drums keep the tempo up.

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