NHS124: 30 July 2007


With a release schedule kept busy with signed artists, when tracks come out of the blue on Hospital they are always a little bit special. Previous tracks that have gained this honour include Klute's massive anthem “Part of Me” and more recently Seba & Paradox's beautiful “Move On”. Muffler has become the latest in this exclusive club bringing you two tracks “Mermaids” & “Waves Breaking”.

Hailing from Finland the man Muffler has a secret NHS history. Under the name Konsta he had a cheeky 12” on hospital's MASH label back in the day, and a track on hospital mix 3. Fast Fwd to 2007 and Muffler has taken things up a level and joins fellow Finns L.A.O.S in bringing some more Scandinavian styling to Hospital.

“Mermaids” is a track as elegant and beautiful as the name suggests. There's no fishy business going on here as synths from the deepest ocean trenches come correct with a swelling bassline and a rolling Balearic guitar hook. Already a fans favourite on the DMA winning Hospital Podcast expect this deep sea treasure to be regular fixture in dnb sets worldwide this summer.

But there's more to this 12” with the sublime “Waves Breaking” on the flip - a consummate slice of electric soul. The intro washes over you before the hypnotizing piano hook snares you in like a siren and you come crashing down on the rocks of the drop. As the track progresses the mood shifts from ambience to energy as synths that would make Vangelis blush roll onto the scene and elevate the track to a new level.

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