Harp Of Gold

Peter Nice Trio

NHS7100: 30 January 2006

Going way back in time to where it all began!

Strictly Limited 7inch repress of the original a-sides from NHS1 & 2 Back in 1996 (while High Contrast, Logistics and Cyantific were all still in short trousers) two chaps from North West London were busy setting up their own little label as an outlet for their left of centre drum and bass creations. Who would have thought that 10 years later the label would have become the multi-national-corporate-superpower that is HOSPITAL RECORDS! (ahem)

The Peter Nice Trio (who's true identity remains a mystery) released a number of 12”s on the fledgling Hospital label before disappearing as quickly as they had emerged. They left behind a legacy of highly original (some might say controversial) music which has become the stuff of legend for hardcore Hospital fans.

Now available again in a compact 7inch package, for diehard fans and recent NHS converts to enjoy, as part of the NHS100 / ten years celebrations!

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7" (+MP3s) £2.99
  • 7"
1 Harp of Gold (Original) Peter Nice Trio 5:32
2 Flight Of The Vulture (Original) Peter Nice Trio 5:29

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