This Will Come


SV016: 02 November 2015


If you've not been living under a rock for the past year or so, then Soulvent Records shouldn't be an unfamiliar label to you. The East London based label have been putting out a steady string of solid releases - and bring you something equally pleasurable to get your ears around. This release comes in the form of Retronics, also known as, Hungarian-born, Daniel Nyari. ’This Will Come/Even If' marks his first release under his new alias and with Soulvent. 'This Will Come' opens with an uplifting atmospheric intro and sombre vocals. The swelling bass indicates where you're headed as a robotic catchy melody and large drum build drop into a huge bass driven roller. 'Even If' starts with a slow build, supported by a heavy bassline. Crisp drums kick in and lead you into a subtle pre-drop roll only to leave you struggling for breath as the tune drops with full force. Retronics approaches his production with a measured ear, cleverly blurring the lines between sub-genres and making this release a must have for any DJ.

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