More Blood 010

Various Artists

MEDIC20: 20 September 2010


Earlier this year Med School stormed into the Top 10 of the iTunes dance album chart with “New Blood 010″, the first full length various artist compilation to be released on the label. The album – revered by critics, DJs and fans in equal measure – showcased a dozen scalpel-sharp excursions by a plethora of cutting-edge artists. Four of these risings talents have returned to the fold to prescribe a second dose of aural medication as Med School presents “More Blood 010″.

Stray delivered a sublime drum+bass rework of Helios for his first Med School production, this time he has laid down seductive half-tempo offering “Frost”. Weighty hip-hop beats and shuffling cymbals are bathed in lush layers of strings, pads and lashings of memorable guitar hooks. Stray goes from strength to strength, aided by support from the likes of Goldie, Logistics, Friction, Kasra, Nu:Tone, Instra:mental, Spectrasoul, Data, Sabre, ASC, Kasra and June Miller.

Synkro kick-started “New Blood 010″ with the epic opener “Departure”, setting the benchmark for the entire album. This time the Manchester-based producer unveils “In Transit”, another slice of emotional minimalism encapsulated in a beautifully pensive soundscape. Eerie voices, delicate pads and reverberated keys are perpetuated by a texture of crackling kicks and clicks. Support for Synkro continues to build with the likes of dBridge, TRG, Mary Anne Hobbs, N-Type, Martyn, Ben UFO, Reso, Rusko, The Others and more all hammering his music.

Live and direct from Sydney, Australia, Royalston touches down on Med School with more forward-thinking rhythms and twisted basslines. Having already racked up releases on the massive “New Blood 010″ and “Sick Music 2″ compilations, “Glitchbitch” is Royalston’s overdue debut vinyl release. This one is an uncompromising dancefloor smasher, featuring complex synths and rugged drum work engineered with military precision. It will undoubtedly find a home in the collection of any discerning club DJ.

“New Blood 010″ kick-started the career of young talent Circa with his elegant musical debut “Ida” which instantly found favour with Blu Mar Ten, London Elektricity, Loxy, Eveson and Nerm (BBC). “Kabal” takes Circa’s production to new heights, exhibiting a contagious piano riff and a sumptuous bassline progression. Once again, thoughtful drum programming is in full effect with an astute spattering of crisp snare hits proving that less is definitely more.

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1 Frost (Original) Stray 6:07
2 In Transit (Original) Synkro 5:26
3 Glitchbitch (Original) Royalston 5:32
4 Kabal (Original) Circa 6:02
1 Frost (Original) Stray 6:07 £0.79
2 In Transit (Original) Synkro 5:26 £0.79
3 Glitchbitch (Original) Royalston 5:32 £0.79
4 Kabal (Original) Circa 6:02 £0.79
1 Frost (Original) Stray 6:07 £0.99
2 In Transit (Original) Synkro 5:26 £0.99
3 Glitchbitch (Original) Royalston 5:32 £0.99
4 Kabal (Original) Circa 6:02 £0.99

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