Classic Symptoms 12 (2006-09)

Various Artists

NHSCS12: 11 September 2020

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For the twelfth instalment of the ‘Classic Symptoms’ series, Hospital Records have delved deep into the NHS archives to provide you with four classics from the era of 2006-2009. Whether you’re listening to these tracks for the first time or embarking on a trip down memory lane, there’s no denying that the sounds supplied by Nu:Tone, Danny Byrd, Brookes Brothers, Logistics and Commix represent the timeless beauty of drum & bass. ‘Classic Symptoms 12’ will be pressed to vinyl as part of an extremely limited run, making it the ultimate collectors item.

Longstanding Hospital pathfinder Nu:Tone gets things rolling with his monumental ‘Missing Link’. Originally released in 2006 as the B-side to ‘The Things That Lovers Do’, steady flowing drums and a resonant descending bassline set the track up to be way ahead of its time, undoubtedly shaping the modern sounds of drum & bass today. None other than Danny Byrd steps up next with his funk-driven ‘Gold Rush’ featuring D&B nobles Brookes Brothers. Making its mark on the scene back in 2008 via his ‘Supersized’ album, Danny infuses euphoric strings and dreamy vocal chops into a majestic 174BPM anthem which hits just as hard as it did back then.

Stepping into 2009 territory for the first B-side cut, label legend Logistics takes it back to the foundations with ‘Jungle Music’, drenched in sub bass wobbles and crunchy breaks, the track received widespread support over the years from the likes of Fabio, Friction, Bailey plus countless more. The forward-thinking experimental stepper ‘Bear Music’ rounds off the release with transfixing pads and eccentric percussion. The track was first released on the ‘Future Sound Of Cambridge 3’ compilation back in 2008, and with the full Cambridge crew now making an appearance on ‘Classic Symptoms 12’, this truly is a special piece in drum & bass history. This is the first time ‘Bear Music’ will be available on vinyl so don’t sleep.

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Side A
1 Missing Link (Original) Nu:Tone 4:54
2 Gold Rush, (feat. Brookes Brothers) (Original) Danny Byrd 6:27
Side B
1 Jungle Music (Original) Logistics 4:11
2 Bear Music (Original) Commix 6:14

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