Classic Symptoms 13 - Test Press

Various Artists

NHSCS13TP: 13 November 2020

Hand-numbered. Ultra-rare.

Hospital Records dish up their thirteenth serving of the Classic Symptoms series with four nostalgic tracks from their back catalogue from D&B kingpins S.P.Y, Keeno, Nu:Tone and LSB. As we’re sent spiralling back into the 2014-2016 era of drum & bass, you can expect to be met with euphoric melodies, smile-igniting vocals and rich yet understated drum work.

The ‘Dubplate Style’ doctor S.P.Y is first to etch soundwaves into wax with his classic club-cruncher, ‘Step & Flow’. With a phenomenal VIP release on ‘Sick Music 2020’, love for the track has been at an all time high. The original number, first released in 2014, lifts the soul with warm synthy notes and ravey vocal samples which are undercut and propelled forward by deep and nauseatingly ominous chest-rumbling bass.

Classically trained Keeno steps up to the plate next with his heart-warming track ‘Nocturne’. Initially released on Med School in 2013, ‘Nocturne’ is a miracle-making music waterfall that keeps on giving. It’s delicate heartfelt notes overflow with inspiration, good will and energy, delicately put together with love. This one’s bound to rekindle good memories.

First on the flipside we’re hit with ‘Tides’, an all-time classic sing along groover from the one and only Nu:Tone. Originally released on his 2014 album ‘Future History’, this diamond features the soul-drenched vocals from Lea Lea that float over airy pads, stripped-back piano chords and jazzy bass hits and drums.

LSB spins us back to the 2016 Hospitality rave days with ‘If You’re Here (VIP)’, first released on the colossal ‘Hospitality 2016’ compilation album. Driven forward by LSB’s signature drums, playful melodies and angelic vocal samples that echo through the track, this is an extra special, nostalgic moment on the EP, especially as it’s a first time pressing to wax!

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  • 12" TP
Side A
1 Step & Flow (Original) S.P.Y 6:23
2 Nocturne (Original) Keeno 5:40
Side B
1 Tides (feat. Lea Lea) (Original) Nu:Tone 5:43
2 If You’re Here (Luke's Tangerine Dreaming VIP) (VIP) LSB 5:53

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