Classic Symptoms 19 - Selected By Flava D

Various Artists

NHSCS19: 02 February 2022

Pressing on with their popular vinyl-only release series, Hospital Records are bringing ‘Classic Symptoms’ straight on through to 2022 with an exciting new twist. This time around, each instalment of their widely-loved wax presses will be curated by one of the label’s artists who will select four of their favourite cuts from the NHS catalogue. They’ll be pressed onto a super-limited-edition vinyl run which only a handful of lucky collectors will be able to get their hands on. Kickstarting this year’s series in all its glory is the original bass music champion Flava D!

Her first selection is the soul-drenched classic ‘My Dreams’ by Hospital co-founder London Elektricity. Initially released in 2001, it’s safe to say that this pairing of London Elektricity and Robert Owens has aged beautifully. Old school stepping drums, gorgeous synth swells and the perfect amount of cowbell take you right back to the glory days of loungecore drum & bass.

The mighty Calibre and his remix of Danny Byrd’s ‘Changes’ follows. Originally making an appearance on the ‘Hospital Mix 1’ back in 2002, it turns out this was the very release which got Flava D onto Hospital Records. Two legends in their own right, the combined effort of Danny Byrd and Calibre proves this futuristic roller was well ahead of its time.

Stepping into the future, S.P.Y’s ‘Mucky Business’ heads up the B-side. Taken from ‘Chapter Two’ of his iconic ‘Back To Basics’ album series, this sub-heavy bouncer is no doubt still tearing up dancefloors to this day, and is a prime example of how the Brazilian mastermind has stuck to his much-loved style over the years.

Last but not least, dance music trailblazer Whiney makes the cut with his bass-heavy bubbler ‘Komodo’ which first saw the light of day on the ‘Hospitality 2016’ compilation. From originally signing to Med School back when he was 17 to now producing a full album for P Money, his spot on this pot of special selections is more than earnt.

Since joining the Hospital Records roster back in early 2020, the only way has been up for Flava D. Continuing to expand her wide-reaching discography with various styles of dance music, her releases on the south London drum & bass imprint have been a melting pot of all of her influences. From her ‘Desert Lights’ EP to liquid love song ‘All We Ever Do (feat. DRS & Paige Eliza)’ and everything in between, Flava D’s exploration of higher tempos is a journey you’ll want to be a part of.

With each Classic Symptoms edition being specially curated by a different artist each time throughout 2022, these releases are extremely unique and one-of-a-kind - so be sure to snap yours up whilst stocks last!

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Side A
1 Komodo Whiney 4:51
2 Mucky Business (Original) S.P.Y 4:56
Side B
1 Changes (Calibre Remix) Danny Byrd 6:03
2 My Dreams (feat. Robert Owens) (Original) London Elektricity 7:25

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