Classic Symptoms 20 - Selected By Logistics

Various Artists

NHSCS20: 03 May 2022

”Being asked to select just four tracks from the NHS back catalogue was always going to be difficult as there’s such a vast amount of music but I’m honoured to have been asked. Over my eighteen years or so with the label there have been many incredible musical moments that have inspired me. These are four special tracks that are close to my heart for various reasons and hopefully across my selections I’ve managed to encompass the diversity of the Hospital sound.” - Logistics

Continuing their streak of widely popular exclusive vinyl series, Hospital Records proudly present the 20th edition of ‘Classic Symptoms’ - this time around selected by the one and only, label legend Logistics. With a longstanding history spanning more than 18 years with Hospital, it only makes sense for the drum & bass skillmaster to take a journey into the NHS archive and select four of his favourites. This one is for the true wax collectors…

First up is the timeless Logistics anthem ‘Colour Wheel’ taken from his era-defining debut album ‘Now More Than Ever’ back in 2006 which was a go-to for pioneers including Andy C, LTJ Bukem and Fabio & Grooverider. Deep, dark and deadly - this one is the definition of a serious roller that dishes out damage to this day.

“This was originally released all the way back in 2006 on my debut album but never made it to vinyl at the time. Whilst compiling this release I got quite a few messages reminding me that some people out there still want it on vinyl so here it is!” - Logistics

Cyantific’s ‘Neon Skyline’ is up next, supplying classic liquid-funk escapism for your sonic pleasure. Originally released on ‘Plastic Surgery 4’ in 2003, fellow drum & bass royalty Cyantific supplies deep grooves and sounds way ahead of their time on this drum & bass masterpiece.

“I still adore this tune and have always been hugely inspired by it. I love the cut up garage style vocals and it was one of the first D&B tunes that I was aware of that had such a direct influence from Todd Edwards, who is another big influence for me. The vocal combined with the energy of the bassline and the electro influence is pure gold.” - Logistics

Shining a spotlight on one of the many immaculate bodies of work in collaboration with his brother and labelmate Nu:Tone, ‘Red Velvet’ is a welcomed flip to the B-side taken from the stunning future classic Nu:Logic album ‘Somewhere Between The Light’ which came out in 2017.

“I had so much fun working on this track with my brother, Nu:Tone. I always enjoy cutting up loops and samples and once the loop was down the track just wrote the rest of it itself. I wanted to include some deep liquid on the Classic Symptoms E.P and this felt like a good fit.” - Logistics

Last but not least, take a nostalgic dive into the Hospital Records back catalogue with a dancefloor delight from the iconic duo that was Fred V & Grafix. Initially seeing the light of day as a hidden gem at the very end of their ‘Unrecognisable’ remix LP back in 2014, you’ll be sorry to miss the opportunity to get this classic on wax!

“This is one of my favourite D&B tracks of the last decade. I just love how uplifting the arpeggio synth line is. The production is second to none as is always the case with these two. Every single time I’ve played this out it seems to lift the energy up a level.” - Logistics

With each Classic Symptoms edition being specially curated by a different artist each time throughout 2022, these releases are extremely unique and one-of-a-kind - so be sure to snap yours up whilst stocks last!

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  • 12"
1 Colour Wheel Logistics 5:14
2 Neon Skyline (Original) Cyantific 5:59
3 Red Velvet (Original) Nu:Logic 4:19
4 3D Glasses (Original) Fred V & Grafix 4:34

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