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Stop The Clock / Breadcrumbs


MEDIC91: 27 September 2019


After firmly establishing his name in drum & bass with two game-changing albums Whiney presents his new release, ‘Stop The Clock’ alongside B-side ‘Breadcrumbs’ that features the microfunk mastermind, Bop.

Whiney’s outstanding second album ‘Waystone’ was an exciting concoction of influences with drum & bass fusions of grime, UK hip-hop, trip-hop and ambient. He continues to hit with full force in ‘Stop The Clock’ with its ferocious growls and hypnotising beats, primed to go off like a ticking time bomb at raves across the globe.

‘Breadcrumbs’ is an explosive collaboration with fellow Med School marvel Bop. This electronic voyage echos techno-infused drum & bass with Bop’s extraterrestrial soundscapes and Whiney’s fearless bass-heavy beats.

Whiney can be found bringing first-class sets worldwide with an Australia and New Zealand tour as well as shows across The Netherlands, Austria, The Czech Republic and landing down in London with the Med School family at the 2019 edition of Hospitality In The Park.

Available on a limited edition 12” orange splattered vinyl, and across all major digital and streaming platforms.

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1 Breadcrumbs (feat. Bop) (Original) Whiney 4:07
2 Stop The Clock (Original) Whiney 4:11
1 Breadcrumbs (feat. Bop) (Original) Whiney 4:07 Album Only
2 Stop The Clock (Original) Whiney 4:11 Album Only
1 Breadcrumbs (feat. Bop) (Original) Whiney 4:07 Album Only
2 Stop The Clock (Original) Whiney 4:11 Album Only

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