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Hospital Democast with Krakota

October 24, 2014 in News

Fresh from the release of his brand new single, Krakota steps up to present a brand Hospital Democast, showcasing the best music to hit the Hospital demo inbox during the past few months…
Make sure you subscribe HERE, or download the episode as an MP3 HERE!
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Hospital Democast Summer 2012

July 13, 2012 in News

15 year old work experience Joe Riley joins his big brother Matt to bring you a Hospital democast.

Sorry it’s been so long since out last one! You can get the show here or grab the show as an mp3 here. Enjoy…

(we apologise for the slight glitches in the recording on this show)

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Democast January 2012

January 3, 2012 in News

So to kick off 2012 we thought it best to ease you in with our latest selection of demos. Riley is at the controls this week bringing you 10 of our favourite demos sent in to our demo inbox on aim (aol instant messenger) “hospitaldubs”. Check it out!

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Hospital Democast November 2011 with Ash Med School

November 16, 2011 in News

Ash Med School is in the hot seat this week bringing you the latest fresh demos delivered to our demo inbox.

There are some high quality unsigned tracks here for you to check out. Remember if you want to send us a demo, get AIM (Aol Instant Messenger) add the buddy “Hospitaldubs” and send us your best track as an mp3 with your contact details in the filename.

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Democast August 2011

August 23, 2011 in News

Riley has been going through your best demos and come up with these 10 in our latest democast. We listen to everything you send us to our aim inbox “hospitaldubs” and present the best ones every couple of months on this show. It’s an international selection this time around.

Please let us know what you think in the comments section…

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Hospital Democast April 2011

April 8, 2011 in News

Riley is at the controls this week bringing your finest demos from the last few months. We get sent thousands of demos into our aim inbox “hospitaldubs” on aol instant messenger. We then select our favourites and play them on the democast and in the past this process has seen many of the tracks get signed up by Hospital, Medschool or other labels.

Here is what we thought were the best demos of the last few weeks. What do you think of the tracks? Which are your favourites?

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Hospital Democast February 2011

February 22, 2011 in News

Ash Medschool is the host this week for our latest Democast. Playing you our favourites from our AIM inbox we hope you like all of these fresh and unsigned tracks.

Remember you can submit your demos to us via AIM (aol instant messenger) our AIM handle is “hospitaldubs” and it’s on auto-accept.

Follow us on Twitter.

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Democast October 2010 with Riley

October 26, 2010 in News

It’s been a little while since our last democast and with London Elektricity hard at work in the studio Riley, who works behind the scenes on the Hospital podcast, stepped up to showcase your finest demos.

There are some great tracks here, we love recieving your demos. You can get your tracks to us by clearly labelling an MP3 and sending it via aim to the screen name hospitaldubs.

What do you think? Let us know on Twitter
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Democast June 2010 – 2

June 29, 2010 in News

Tony has his 2nd batch of demos of the month and this is from artists we know a little more about. Again, there is a wealth of talent out there and we are always eager to give it a platform. Send your demos via aim to “hospitaldubs”. We check every single one!

(We are aware of IOS4 issues, and are working hard to fix them. We understand, if you download to your computer then sync to phone it appears to get around the bug.)
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Hospital Demo Cast June 2010 – Part 1

June 9, 2010 in News

We go through some of your latest demos, giving some of them their first ever public plays. Some great tracks as always and a little insight into some of the latest D+B production talent out there. What do you think of the tracks?
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