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Hospital Podcast 287 with London Elektricity

January 15, 2016 in News

London Elektricity presents drum & bass from around the world, including cuts from Hospitality 2016 + music from the likes of June Miller, Fracture, Ed:It and more…

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Hospital Podcast 282 with London Elektricity

November 20, 2015 in News

London Elektricity is back to showcase drum & bass from around the world, including cuts from Royalston, Ivy Lab and Electrosoul System, as well as two tracks from the next release on Hospital, “Fast Warehouse Music”.

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Hospital Podcast 280 with London Elektricity

November 6, 2015 in News

“Are We There Yet'”? Find out in this very special podcast with London Elektricity as he celebrates the release of his 6th studio album….

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Hospital Podcast 275 with London Elektricity

September 24, 2015 in News

The latest edition of the award winning Hospital Podcast, hosted by CEO London Elektricity, features music from around the world, including tracks from Maduk, Royalston, Breakage + more…
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Hospital Podcast 272 with London Elektricity & Etherwood

September 4, 2015 in News

Etherwood joins London Elektricity in the podcasts studio to celebrate the release of his excellent second album, ‘Blue Leaves’…

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Hospital Podcast 266 with Chris Goss

July 10, 2015 in News

Chris Goss is back to present the 266th episode of the award winning Hospital Podcast, featuring new music from the likes of Anile, Electrosoul System, Calibre, Icicle, & more… Read more

Hospital Podcast 264 with Chris Goss

June 18, 2015 in News

Whilst London Elektricity is away working on his brand new studio album, Chris Goss steps up to host the Hospital Podcast, showcasing music from the likes of Etherwood, Anile, Lynx, Gerra & Stone and more….

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Hospital Podcast 262 with London Elektricity

May 29, 2015 in News

For the latest Hospital podcast London Elektricity takes you through some fresh cuts from Urbandawn, Etherwood, Hybrid Minds, Calyx & Teebee and much more. As well as our Head of Promo, Amy, catching up with Lynx ahead of the release of his debut Hospital LP, ‘I Am Lynx’, out this Monday.

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Hospital Podcast 261 with London Elektricity

May 21, 2015 in News

Recorded live at Block FM in Toyko, London Elektricity presents a brand new episode of the Hospital Records podcast, featuring music form the likes of Keeno, Lynx, Klute, Urbandawn + more… Read more

Hospital Podcast 260 with London Elektricity

May 6, 2015 in News

Fresh from our sold out show at Building 6, London Elektricity is back, showcasing drum & bass from around the globe – featuring music from the likes of Etherwood, Moresounds, TC, Keeno, Technimatic + more…
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Hospital Podcast 412 with London Elektricity

Back once again for another Hospital Podcast with episode 412. In this weeks show, London Elektricity plays us new tracks from Deg’s debut LP ‘Letters From Ndegwa’ and also includes new tunes from the likes of Rockwell, BCee & Blu Mar Ten, T>I and Levela! Tracklist: Louis Cole - Night Synkro - Departure MC Mello vs London Elektricity - Melloizdaman Rockwell - Drill Conflate & Kickback - We Roll Helios - First Dream Called Ocean (Stray Remix) BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Grow (feat. Charlotte Haining) Seba & Paradox - Come Again Degs - The Roots (feat. Missing) Degs - Sleepless (feat. Polar & Bryson) Degs - She (feat. S.P.Y) BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Perfect World Shapeshifter - Break Me Down (The Upbeats Remix) Maduk - Company (feat. Juul) Levela - Axium T>I - Oxymoron John B - Numbers (Camo & Krooked remix)
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