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Having released mostly on the Civil Music imprint until now, Alex Melia AKA Reso has signed to Hospital to release this EP of four brand new tracks. Kicking off, ‘Sprite City’ is quite simply one of the most majestic pieces of electronic music we’ve heard in a long time. A riot of colour and digital sound, to describe its humble roots as a homage to the golden age of sega soundtracks does not do it justice. Holding it down a little bit more with a straighter 174 bpm backbone, ‘Unexist’ holds down an infectious groove. A proficient drummer himself, things get crazy in the second half with an elbow wrecking drum solo. Title track 'Pulse Code' continues the theme of a technical approach to making beautiful soulful d+b music. With classic TR808 and 909 rhythms jostling for attention with vocal elements and swirling arps, the sawtooth bassline and classic breaks on the drop help sooth the ear. 'Break ‘Em' drops the tempo and takes a more aggressive stance. Aggy digital hybrid hip-hop for 2014, the breath of styles on this EP is a testament to Reso’s unique talent.

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