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Hidden under Canada’s ice-cold slopes is a core community of producers, DJs, fans and followers, all playing an essential role in supporting and growing Canada’s eclectic underground mountain of drum & bass. In ‘The Future Sound of Canada’ EP the Hospital Records team draw out its key players to keep an eye on, adding six tracks from Schematic, Polaris, Gremlinz and Levrige to their worldwide series. Leading the EP are two serious solo artists who’s combined discography boasts releases on Drumsound & Bassline Smith’s imprint Technique Recordings and Toronto-based Inner City Dance. As an equally powerful production pairing, Schematic & Polaris have delivered ‘Conduit’ to the EP - a serene trip through deep, melodic drum & bass. Also take notice of their equally special solo offerings: Polaris’ ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ and Schematic’s hypnotic ‘Learn From The Past’ featuring Victor Davies. Gremlinz - another Toronto talent - switches the EP from ethereal liquid to solid sonic sound waves with ‘Tactical Rail’, matching raw and rapid old-skool drum work with sinister siren calls. Then we come to the Levrige duo, a new project started by valiant Vancouver titans J.F.Killah and Erski who’ve brought an intriguing futuristic jungle, half time style to the mix with ‘The Legend’. Simplistic keys paired with complex percussions finishes up the EP in Stranjah’s ‘Gideon’. The 2016 revival of the ‘Future Sound of’ series draws to a close after connecting a multitude of drum & bass talent from America, Brazil, Holland and now Canada. All four fresh EPs are a triumph in the discovery of the next generation of producers and only further prove the unstoppable global reach of the genre, all spearheaded by its leading independent label, Hospital Records.

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