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NHSCS22-TP - VINYL 4 tracks

12" Vinyl £14.99

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Pressing on with their popular artist-curated 'Classic Symptoms' series, Hospital Records are proud to present the 22nd edition of their limited vinyl run. This time; soulful drum & bass pioneer Makoto selects four of his favourite tracks from the NHS archive for a super-rare wax collectible! Makoto has remained a trailblazer of the liquid drum and bass scene since the late 90s with releases on Good Looking Records, Liquid V, his own imprint Human Elements and of course Hospital Records.

Kicking things off is Seba & Paradox's 'Move On'. Their standalone single originally dropped in 2005 and was later released on the 'Hospital Loungecore Classics' album in2012. 'Move On' is an atmospheric masterpiece consisting of jungle and loungecore influences - luscious synths and classic breakbeats that will take listeners on an interstellar journey.

Next up is 'Until Dawn' by Tomahawk. Expect sweet vocal samples and deep digital bass tones immersed in mesmerising drumwork. This Hospital classic was originally released in 2003 on the 'Plastic Surgery 4' compilation album - a vital window into the beginnings of the new era of D&B during the early 2000's.

T-Ak and Makoto's 'Voyager' heads up the B-side of 'Classic Symptoms 22' - a majestically funky roller radiating nothing but infectious, feel-good vibes! T-Ak and Makoto's production truly shine together on this one, originally taken from 'The Friendly Fire EP' from 2008.

Throwing it back to 2007 with Matrix and Futurebound's remix of Nu:Tone's widely acclaimed 'System' featuring Natalie Williams, brace yourself for a near-lethal injection of electrifying soul as the duo's production mastery adds their very own spin to Nu:Tone's renowned classic.

Don't sleep on snagging the exclusive and limited edition of Classic Symptoms 22 - Selected by Makoto vinyl! If you're a serious Hospital crate diggers you'll need this record in your collection.

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