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Nu:Logic is a collaborative partnership between Hospital stalwarts Nu:Tone and Logistics. Individually, the Gresham brothers have released a total of seven long players already on Hospital, each to great critical acclaim. The sum of their combined powers is oozing with the kind of soulful drum + bass, which is the foundation of the Hospital label and will satisfy long term fans who hanker after the golden days of the genre.

Having brought us the Nu:Logic “New Technique” EP in 2010 and the recently released follow up single “Morning Light / Grizzly”, the duo now bring us their highly anticipated debut album “What I’ve Always Waited For”.

Opening with the calm, mellow soothing sounds of “Morning Light” we are taken through a variety of styles across the 14-track album. Vocal-driven cuts are peppered throughout the album and there’s some top collaborations in there, including “Everlasting Days (ft. Lifford)” with its warm, uplifting vibe, the growling spoken swagger of “We Live There (ft. DRS)” and the blissed out “Shoot Me Down (ft. Robert Manos)”.

Elsewhere, don’t miss out on the excellent “Start Again (ft. S.P.Y)” with the raw, bass heavy menacing tones, as well as the meditative title track “What I’ve Always Waited For” which is all whirring atmospherics and pattering drums. Two interludes “Escape Pod” and “Dusk” successfully segment the album into thirds. With so many musical gems to choose from, one thing is for sure - this has been worth waiting for. 

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