Hospitality At Heaven 28/11/08 Cancelled

November 18, 2008 in News

Statement : Hospitality At Heaven : Friday 28th November 2008

We sincerely regret to have to announce that this event has been cancelled.

Heaven Nightclub was sold by its previous owners on 20th September. Whilst we always understood through discussions with the new owners that our November event would be going ahead as planned, they have now decided with just two weeks to go, to cancel the event.

We have done everything possible to try and make the event happen. As soon as we knew about the sale of the venue, our mission was always to see through one final amazing Hospitality event at Heaven. Exhaustive attempts to resolve the situation with the owners, even by instructing lawyers, has proved fruitless. We have also been pursuing all the last minute alternative venues available to us, but we feel have been left with no option but to announce the cancellation. We feel very strongly that a scaled-down version of this event, at an inferior venue would be a cynical move, not in keeping with the ethos of Hospitality – and is therefore not an option.

Having poured all our hard work and love into Hospitality over the years we are absolutely devastated to have to cancel an event for the first time. Rest assured, Hospitality will return to the capital in 2009 – bigger and stronger than ever. We will continue to work hard to make sure every event we run is the very best it can be. Everyone who purchased a ticket for Friday 28th November will, of course, be refunded in full, and we can only apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Please email any further queries to and we will respond to each one as promptly as possible.

Chris, Tom, Tony, and the Hospital Team.

  • Marik

    There were same problems with Cinema club, where you played last week.
    It was sold and new owner wanted to change it totally. But clubbers and promoters were fighting not to let them do this.
    Hopefully, for now the problem seems to be solved and the club still remains as our good-old “Cinema”, which we all knew for all these years…

  • Roger Berkeley

    this sucks…
    the club where i was resident was sold too.
    and guess what.. no more drum&bass was played there,cause the new owner was an a..!
    hope you will continue the hospitality in another venue in london.
    i will visit them again..

  • Maltos

    That sucks. I really feel for the people who were really looking forward to this special final event at Heaven.

    But it’s good to know Hospitality will be back. I hope you’ll come back to Cardiff in a couple of years when i’ll finally be old enough to see you in action live :)

  • londonelektricity

    sucks more than you can imagine. still, next year should be blinding so that’s some consolation.

  • hazdaman100

    Oh Dear, that has go to b the biggest anti-climax ever!!! Was so looking forward to it aswell.
    I would be up for the release of a tape pack or something to remeber heaven by. Havnt go many hospital artist live sets.
    Supose now im going to head up leeds to make up for it.
    Gd luck with the new venue. Ive herd off many ppl thats its going to be Matter, which should be intresting

  • d-clone

    At least it was good whilst it lasted. Long live the memories of HOSPITALITY AT HEAVEN. Many of good nights spent clubbing it up on room one…

    Good stepping stone, next venue will out do the last one…


  • Moisty

    tragic turn of events, We had a massive reunion based round this night, We have had to move it to fabric.

    sigh it wont be the same!!!

    Looking forward to 2009

  • Janesy B

    i hope another venue is found shortly, the new owners are total morons (trying not to swear). Seeing hospitality cancelled for a G.A.Y night makes my brain bleed with anger.

  • petrioneill

    it’s good to know Hospitality will be back. I hope you’ll come back to Cardiff in a couple of years when i’ll finally be old enough to see you in action live :)

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