Hospital Christmas Podcast 2009

December 23, 2009 in Podcast

Our legendary Christmas podcast returns with great music from the year on hospital. Also we have the results of our christmas photoshop comp, with some awesome work from you guys.

You can find all the photoshops – Here and on DOA Here.


1. Trisector – Morning Rain
2. Mistabishi – Lights Really Bad
3. Bop – Song About My Dog
4. Instramental + D-Bridge – Translucent
5. Danny Breaks – Vol 1 – Logistics Remix
6. Johnny L – Evah
7. Logistics – Jungle Music
8. MRSA – Different
9. High Contrast – Seven Notes In Black
10. Subwave – Stars Get Down
11. Cyantific – Empty Streets
12. Mr Sizef + Unquote – The Hours Have No Reverse Motion
13. Logistics – Repetition

  • Richie Burns

    another great podcast.
    i have been listening since number one and still have all the podcasts on my computer. I work as an archaeologist in the south of France, i have some little “chillpill” speakers that i take onto site with me and “blast out” (not really blast out but play at reasonable volume without the sound quality turning crap) drum and bass for my French colleagues to enjoy, unfortunately most french archaeologist dont like drum&bass but i am hoping to change their minds, i stick on the podcast whenever it comes out and helps with my digging style. Drum & bass is excellent for archaeology as you can dig huge holes when in rythem to 170 BPM although not so good for detailed, careful cleaning but for that we have Bop.
    Merry Christmas Tony, please could you give a big shout out to my girlfriend Alexa, with help from hospital we have turned a drum and bass doubter into someone who now loves it, she recently bought future sound of russia and is loving it.

    PS just about to enjoy a lovely cappuccino in bright white jungle music mug

  • Easy

    NHS 161

    Nu:tone – Get Hyper EP

    Get Hyper
    Mercy Mercy
    Hit & Run
    Battle Theme


  • Prop Joe

    Hi Tony, another french drum’n bass listener, I love your podcasts and basically all hospital stuff. I’ve lived in london for a year and went to hospitality parties at herbal and heaven, and one time in february 2007 you filmed me and a friend outside the heaven club, we were saying “We’re french and we love drum’n bass”. See you at matter on 8th of january, keep doing great music it helps us to stay in the right way.

    Happy F****n new year!!!

  • cpfcwill

    Hi Tony,
    Please please please keep these podcasts going and going as they’re amazing. Drum n Bass needs to be spread to the masses…..I am living in a world where all my mates listen to crap like Cheryl Cole and Taio Cruz and this has to stop. Drum n Bass is a revolution that has to be spread to the masses and especially to my mates. They need to be shown the light. I listen to the podcasts constantly as well as some massive albums released on Hospital like Crash, Band Wallop, Drop, Confidential and Future Sound of Russia. These are all banging albums! Thank you for making me a Drum n Bass and Hospital head and keep up the awesome work!

    Will from the dreary Lake District! WOOP!

  • JK

    Hi Tony,

    Your podcast doesn’t help me cope at all, because I listen to it when I should be working which makes it a real struggle to get it all done in time! However I’m perfectly happy with this because my work is really very dull right now (3rd year medicine, next year will be better…). Loving your random rants and awesome music!


    P.S Can I get a shout for all the medics who listen to this podcast, because it seems like there are a lot!

  • MacCrockett

    Thank you for another podcast Tony…

    Imagine my surprise while I was shopping for groceries here in Portland Oregon tonight when I heard a certain sappy 80’s song on the store speakers from which Blu Mar Ten apparently sampled the prominent vocal bit in their beautiful tune “If I could Tell you”. It’s always a happy accident to run across a random and unexpected sample source for a favorite song. And thank you Blu Mar Ten for the fantastic music.

    Please give a shout out to everyone listening in the Portland area which as I write this has just quite suddenly recieved it’s first snow of the year.

    Happy “Festive” season to everyone in the chilly dark northern hemisphere and happy new year 2010 to the planet. We made it!

  • James Aldrich

    ello tony

    halle fukin lujah!! Happy new year to all you drum & bass heads out there!! and to you to of course tony!! yet another fukin sick podcast! dont know how you have kept making it better!! ive been with you since podcast one and every podcast is better than the last!! you rock the…podcast rocks…hospital rocks!!! keep it up and have a great new year!! Bring on 2010!!!

    if you would be so kind as to give me, my best mate james and my brother matt a shout on the podcast, cheers tony!!


    p.s. what do you mean cyantifics remix of daft punk is not geting a release?? fuking sick tune!!! needs a release!! please!! :)

  • Gizm0

    First happy new year to all down and in the DnB scene.
    Great work as always, never fails to put a smile on my face.
    Keep it up & greetings from Netherlands

  • will888

    Firstly just want to say love the podcasts!

    I love Drum & Bass and have decided that the year 2010 will see me starting to produce it.

    I just wanted to know if there is any advice you could give to any budding new producers out there? i.e software, equipment ANYTHING!

    much appreciated, keep up the good work and hope the next decade will see more success for you and your label.


  • nicktrueman

    Hi Tony,

    Massive fan of the podcasts, keep it up! It has sparked a new age of Drum and Bass in my life – I am now working out how to mix and have started producing my own tunes! Take care and enjoy the ride of 2010!

    ps. Would love a shout out if poss!

    Nick from Cobham, Surrey.

  • Swanvesta

    Just downloaded the Colmonstrocity APp.

    BIT MAd i must say! Nonetheless pretty cool!

    Hope all at the Hospital base/depot had a good new year!

    Nice to see BIG IN THE GAME in the podders last. & SAFE FOR giving me and mates a SHouty out.

    I HAVE NOTICED THOUGH THAT YOU ARE USING MY SLOGAN NOW to ADvertise your events. Hospitality Sheffield! Is INDEED…


    IF you can give my MRS a shout on on the Mighty 103 would be ULTIMACY DE LA SIKNESS. Her names Nicole bytheway. Easy RIley

  • photoniall

    Hi Tony Just getting into your podcast now, having been a longtime drum and bass fan. Keep up the rants! I’d like you to give a shout out to Mr laurent garnier for getting techno heads like myself into dnb. He dropped a dnb mix of the fugees ready or not slap bang in the middle of his six hour sets in Belfast about ten years ago and ive never looked back. my current fav tunes are b-complex beautiful lies and Vapourise by Subfocus. I saw you once in a tiny club in Belfast called the menagerie, its was a great night. Please roll the Hospital bus into Ireland sometime soon and big up the Irish Jungle massive. Judge Dredd, Kato Caliber and co.

    Thanks Niall Carson

  • sean

    hey tony,
    just wanna say your podcast is absolutley amazing and has sucessfully swung me over to dnb and all things hospital. Anyways if you gave me a shout out it would make my day, big shout out to the whole notts uni crew and in particluar Harry, and also the boys back in Norwich (we’re not all inbred farmers like in Alan Partridge!). Yeh mate you’re a legend and keep it up dunno where id be without you.

    Sean from Nottingham x

  • petercopper

    matter 8th. you came. you saw. you conquered. YOU FUCKIN LEDGEND!.pete copper. sevenoaks. peace.

  • londonelektricity

    jim my anger is not for hire you should know that

  • jimbog

    hey tony
    do you like dolphins? please can u giv a massive shout to dolphins. and the documentary ‘the cove’ which is the most shocking story about dolphins getting butchered in japan. you should definitly watch it. please. and get angry and give the world another one of those brilliant rants! maybe give a shout after you’ve watched the movie and got all angry.
    love the podcast by the way!

  • simpatico

    Love the podcast, but I definitely can’t listen to this one at work.


  • Kiinnostus

    Whoa, thank you thank you, the best present I could have from DnB, my shout on your podcast! I went insane when I heard you saying my nick and my message. It made my day, thanks, and happy new year! And, if you’ll shout this one, give a shout to Jake, Kakku (means cake in finnish) and all the finnish dnb lovers!

    And, my family isn’t christian, just that you yelled something like that… And, my dad likes dnb, how wierd is that?

  • markt74

    Dear Tony and Hospital crew,

    Thanks for another year of smashing podcasts and raising my awareness of great new DnB. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    Mark in snowy Milwaukee

  • west c russell

    It was a weird but amazing feeling hearing my name on a podcast, thanks a lot! I’m not well informed about how the ‘festive season’ was there before christmas came about. Educate me please…

    russell fischer

  • Roger Berkeley

    nice one as usual and many many thanks for this wicked year.
    don´t know how you will top that up in 2010 but i´m sure you will.

    so looking forward to the new year and i will start it with the hospitality @ matter.

    so keep up the good work and i see you at the 8th.

    merry christmas and a good start in the new year to all @ hospital records.

    yours truly roger berkeley

  • Ghosrok

    Hey there tony its Larsen of Mount Doom! Yes I apologise for the “Rubbish Message”=] . It was a random attempt at a shout which I had never in a million years would have expected to be read out, and I wish I had said something a little more “Normal” at the time but who cares! It was a buzz for us on christmas day here in New Zealand to hear you read it out though,I was in the kitchen cooking up a massive meal for the family when I heard “Ghosrok” and thought “Oh Shit!” =] this was a nice little christmas prezzie on a very very hot summer day and I giggled at your response to this rather stupid little shout also.

    I Hope you and the rest of the master blasters at hospital had an awesome christmas, Keep dropping those sick sick tunes that we (your hospital fans) absolutely love forever and ever Amen!

    Please give a massive shout to IVAN MOURAVIEV, My russian friend / “partner in DnB” I feel he needs a large dose of inspiration from you, so he may be motivated to come and work on some lovely tunes with me. THIS WOULD BE VERY VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! =.]

    Love Ghosrok the Orc of New-Zealand =]

  • west c russell

    oh and it would be freakin great if ppl could stop advertising on this website.

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