Hospital Podcast 113

April 23, 2010 in Podcast

New music as always as on the show this week as we celebrate the launch of Sick Music 2. Reso, Sigma and Blokhe4d are all repped, with sub focus breakage and bop also getting their new tracks aired.


1. Blokhe4d – Sunscreen
2. Sigma – Paint It Black VIP
3. Way Out West – The Gift – Logistics Remix
4. Bop – Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician – Lynx and Hellrazor Remix
5. Sunchase – Restored
6. Nu:Tone – Hyper Hyper
7. Bop – Nothing Makes Any Sense – Blumarten Remix
8. Sub Focus – Splash Feat Coco
9. Reso – Slap Chop
10. Breakage – Foundation
11. Marky and Spy – Time Moves On
12. Jonny L – 1n2
13. Netsky – Moving with you feat Jenna G

  • nate

    busting out the bedroom skank for that netsky tune!

  • acolmer

    Yes Tony,
    Is there any chance that you’re going to bring some Hospital merch on your tour? Want to rep Hosptal over in Korea but I can’t purchase anything while I’m here, any chance that there’s going to be any tshirts available or anything on the night? If not any chance of some under the counter business? Buy one off your good self or somebody in there?

    Big up on the podcasts, keeping my dietry intake of DnB fresh while away from home. See you in Seoul!

  • GBrainY

    Yo Tony,
    When is the Netsky album going to be available for preorder? I have a feeling like this is going to be one of the greatest albums in a while. Also looking forward to some new tunes from Danny Byrd. Hospital is doing big things…MUCH LOVE

    Brandon Grainy

  • Lewis

    Moving with you is a HUUGGGEEEE TUNE Tony, that belgium genius Boris keeps churning out smashes, cant wait for his album release.. The radio edit best not get rinsed on Radio 1 although Netsky for Number 1? Lets make this happen!! :D

  • jordski

    LOVE you’re podcasts mate, been listening since the 30’s got them all on my pc, cant wait to see hospitals finest at bit chill in august. Gonna be a mashup!

    Give me a shout out on you’re next podcast please,

    keep it up mate!

  • dj BMX

    Ho my god !!!
    johny L again……… 1 & 2 is the track of year !!! this is a huge track !
    frenchy’s speaking, big respect to you Tony, johnny L, netsky, & all the hospistal crew of course !!!!!!
    big uuuupppppp !!!

  • jadeoneill

    yes tony. ‘slap chop’ makes me jump up and down like a child needing to wee too!

  • EdanUK

    Ez Tony

    Cant wait for Hospitality! This is first one ive been too since you moved to the 02. Cant wait to see Yourself, HC and Cyantific. Also MJ Cole and the Upbeats in room 2.

    Are you going to do another night with Subtitles in the other room? As last time was epic- Phace and Calyx and Teebee especially.

    Also thanks to your podcast I have decided to do my own, check it out if you have a chance its called the Development sound podcast;

    If possible can you give a shout out to my girlfriend Alison who is also a massive podcast fan.


  • chudnutlet

    Right here it is Tony! The Podcasts just powered me through the Rome marathon, wicked, and seeing you and Danny smash it at Stealth in Nottingham last month- I’m doing it. Starting 4th May I’m going a HERCULEAN 3000 MILES from Istanbul to London by BICYCLE powered purely by Hospital. Only got a few weeks to do it so Sick Music 1 + 2 are gonna be the staple! Doing it for a cause, obviously:

    I’ll keep you in the loop to RECORD OF THE LEG as I trundle through the 14 countries! Biblically looking forward to my next Matter!

    The Chud

  • Mackie.D

    Yes Tony,

    Huge huge things have been happening in the world of drum and bass…its become one of the worlds most recognised forms of music now, and even the oldest generation are accepting that it is not a form of music normally associated with deliquents but infact true, perfectly formed harmony, beats, rhythms and lyrics.

    Huge respect to all involved in drum and bass, from producers and artists to the fans and listeners who make this all continue.

    Big thank you, danke, spasibo, tack.

    Dom Mackie

    (Looking forward to the next installments of the podcast and latest releases, the joys of an iPhone mean endless hospital love.)

  • Greg

    Hi Tony, I have just started listening to the podcast and have listened to about 10 now! Its great to have new fresh and beautiful beats to listen to at work, it gets me through the day. Mad shout outs to the Number 10 and the Bond Street Massive!! Hope to see you in Perth soon

  • PiersRiley

    I have to say, i have been listening since podcast No. 97 and i have loved everyone of them! I’d like to ask for a shout out, and thank Sam at work for introducing me to the likes of drum n’ bass! For all the times we’ve had the hospital podcast blasting out the workshop! Thanks alot and keep up the good work!

  • Brimm

    What’s the story Tony?

    Love the podcast and I look forward to every installment. DnB seems to be my favorite brand of music to listen to at any time of day, no matter what mood I’m in. It’s a damn good thing that you’re around to show me the future of the sound before it happens, Thank you..

    I missed you last time you were over in Dublin (think it was in Rogue Bar), none of me so-called friends wanted to head in to see you, philistines. Are you planning on comin’ back over over at any point?…or (as if it would even be considered) how about a Hospitality in Dublin – we’re only a stones throw away after all. That would just about be the best thing ever in mind and I’d be there with fuckin’ bells on. Gotta head over to the next Hospitality@Matter, can’t make it to the May one. :(

    Sick Music 2 is the shit by-the-way! Top drawer stuff. Love the (unmixable) No Ballast, really nice.

    Oh, and can I get a shout out to me bird Ev and me kid Melody on the next podcast? Good man, keep it up.

    —Brian in Dublin—

  • maxi


    I’m sorry for putting you with that bigoted woman. I think you handled the situation marvelously

    Love Sue.

  • Nathy K

    have just started listening to your podcasts even though I’ve been a hospital fan for a while, loving the trololololol song and I think someone should do a mix of it cos that would be SIIIIICCK!!!
    I got a few questions though
    When does Cyantific’s remix of daft punk- one more time come out?
    And how about Hospital Sunglasses?? Like the ones Logistics wears on the now more than ever cover?
    nathy k

  • cody

    shouting out stateside from the great city of cincinnati, ohio. been a fan of the podcast since show #60 or so and a fan of london elek since 2003. I discovered drum and bass a decade ago and haven’t looked back. i would love to see a hospitality in the US. I feel cheated due to my geographical location. here in the midwest junglists are far and few between, especially fellow dj’s. if traveling wasn’t so expensive i’d come to the d&b mecca just for hospitality, but alas. in the meantime, you keep dropping those sick sick podcasts and i will continue to listen. they make the public transit trips far more enjoyable, colminator rants and all. much love from the US, Dj shay, aka cody from the 5.1.3rd

  • Chris

    Hey Tony… this is Chris from Fullerton, CA… can I get a shout on the next podcast? My fiancee Jessica and I both want to say we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the show since about episode 100… we’re getting married this June and “Just One Second” is definitely one of our main wedding songs. Someday we’ll make a trip to come see London and a hospital show as well. Thanks for the music and big love….

  • Xenophunk

    Big shout out to Chris Johnstone for introducing me to the Hospital Podcast.

    Without it I wouldn’t have found such amazing artists like Netsky (shame about the album leak), Reso (you just love Slap Chop), Nu:Tone, Sigma, and of course, the host of the podcast, London Elektricty.

  • Mark Jenkins

    Hi Tony,
    I’ve been a fan of all things Hospital for a number of years now and have listened to the podcast since about episode 50.
    Just to apologise for drunkedly approaching you at Matter on Friday and thanking you for being older than me!! I must have been feeling a bit paraoid as I was celebrating my 40th Birthday, and I just felt that I was the oldest swinger in town, however, as the evening went on and massive tune after massive tuned was dropped, i suddenly felt I was 18 again, and life was good!
    So thanks for an epic night at Matter, and I’ll look forward to celebrating my 50th in there in about 10 years:-)
    all the best
    Mark ‘the rave pensioner’ from lee-on-solent

  • DnB fan in Nashville

    Just wanted to say I particularly enjoyed the track:
    Bop – Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician – Lynx and Hellrazor Remix
    The middle part gave me flashbacks of Photek (in a good way).
    I tried to recall other classic DnB tracks that were multi-part.
    Only Goldie -Timeless came to mind.
    Would love to know of any others I missed out on back in the day.

    DnB fan in Nashville

  • Riley


    1. Blokhe4d – Sunscreen
    2. Sigma – Paint It Black VIP
    3. Way Out West – The Gift – Logistics Remix
    4. Bop – Tears Of A Lonely Metaphysician – Lynx and Hellrazor Remix
    5. Sunchase – Restored
    6. Nu:Tone – Hyper Hyper
    7. Bop – Nothing Makes Any Sense – Blumarten Remix
    8. Sub Focus – Splash Feat Coco
    9. Reso – Slap Chop
    10. Breakage – Foundation
    11. Marky and Spy – Time Moves On
    12. Jonny L – 1n2
    13. Netsky – Moving with you feat Jenna G

  • toringful

    Hey Tony, thanks for the shout out, just to say I actually discovered drum n bass in the uk about 7 years ago but the HP was my only access to it while I was in BA… anyway thanks again and big up Jenna G!

  • Andy Bodge

    Hi Tony,

    After my pre-ordered copy of Sick Music 2 arrived, I thought my week couldn’t possibly get any better, but I was wrong! Hearing the amazing new Netsky & Jenna G tune was the icing on the cake for me.

    Can I get a shout on the next podcast as I will be making the long trip to Hospitality @ Matter from my home in deepest, darkest Cumbria, where the people seem to be more interested in sheep than drum & bass!


  • SpiredArc


    Big shout to you and the Hospital crew. You guys are the shit. Sick Music 2 is amazing.


    Zach a.k.a. SpiredArc a.k.a. Din Dins (don’t ask or do, I’m not your boss.)

  • KevinTh0m

    Hey Tony,

    Could I get a birthday shout out for myself (turning 15 on April 25th), as well as a shout to all of the Canadians into drum & bass music, and a third shout to all the underage drum & bass lovers.

    Thanks Tony! Keep up the absolutely brilliant work!

    -Kevin Thom

  • Bryan Rod DnB

    Theres nothing like hearing Can We ? by Nutone and Mr Elek himself while looking outside your window when its raining. im flying out to matter in may for some hospitality action from New york. I gotta say DnB is dead over here but im trying to spread the word by showing my buds netsky tracks.

    Can I get a shout on the next podcast to the C-town Baseball team and my girl Raylin.

    Thanks, Mr. Rod

  • katalyst

    Big thanks to whoever decided it’d be hilarious to leave some of their DNA (in pubic form) in my package of hospital buttons courtesy of the Royal Mail.

    This will be a great (and much needed) addition to my international pube collection. If you could be so kind as to ask High Contrast for a Welsh donation with my next order it would be much appreciated.

  • JakMorley

    Podcast 113 has officially made me the happiest person in Portsmouth. I recently turned 18, and although the clubs aren’t TOO bad, the drum and bass scene is poor. Me and a couple of mates were going to come to Matter on May 7th, but all of us were hit with unexpected issues :( Now we don’t need to worry cause you’re bringing Hospitality to us! What with this amazing news, the release of Sick Music 2, and a very messy birthday, April has definitely been a fucking great month!

  • yblackie

    Seriously Tony you are starting to annoy me- When are you gonna come out with some new stuff? I know you’re busy and everything but Syncopated City is my fave album of all time and I’m sick of replaying it

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Yes Tony! got sick music 2 through the post today…..

    Fantastic. the upbeats remix of shapeshifters twin galaxies is mind blowing…. was listening whilst sipping tea from my sick music mug.

    Can you give a shout out to my little brother Sam Clarke whos just turned 18 and for his birthday i have purchased him a hospitality at matter ticket…. its going to be his first real nightclub experience……. and the line up is flawless.

    Safe thanks mate, and il see you as ever for my only work out i ever get at HOSPITALITY!!!!!!

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