Hospital Podcast 133

January 11, 2011 in Podcast

London Elektricity is on the podcast this week and we have plenty to tell you about.

Brand new music and an awesome new website from Nu:Tone.

We also have info about Hospitality Brixton O2 Academy on 22nd April. Buy a ticket and get 3 free tracks Here.

Elsewhere there are new tracks from Fred V, Seba + Enei. Follow us on Twitter.

Nu:Tone – Shine In
B-Complex – Blissful Ignorance
Siren – Snorkle
Fred V – Simple Beginnings
Origin Unknown – Lunar Base – Commix Remix
Danny Byrd feat Netsky – Tonight MJ Cole Remix
Nu:Tone feat Kyan – Broken
Seba – Nostalgia
The Genetic Brothers – Uplifting
Enei – Danger Dance
Crystal Clear – Pure Thought
Brookes Brothers – Last Night
  • Henry

    Come on tony, play us some new London Elek. You know u want to

  • Fibi

    Terrific podcast!

  • Andrey

    Good morning Mr. Colman the reference
    Doesn’t answer, prompt where still it is possible to download, Please

  • Oliver

    Crystal Clear – Pure Thought is a stunning track. Will be on the look out for this release!

  • Andrey

    All is normal, all downloads itself has stepped

  • Bucks

    Hi Tony, Sweet Podcast as usual. Still listening to the chrimbo edition too hadn’t realised what a good year DnB had. Bought my tickets for Brixton in April yesterday although we’re expecting our first born in the middle of Feb so was wondering whether under 1’s get free admission? Could you give a shout to my wonderful girlfriend who’s doing a cracking job of growing the bun in her oven & putting up with the fact I keep playing dubstep & Spacejams to her belly.

  • Laurie Ewen

    Forecasts for Nu:Tone’s new album include uplifting spells, spots of emotional vibes and a touch of awesome.

    In related news, 2011 is predicted to be a bloody good year for drum and bass.

  • Jim

    Hi, are hospital releasing a hospital mix 9 this year, or has the new hospitality mix taken over?
    keep up the tunes coming!

  • Hugo

    Still have issue with the cast downloading via iPhone.

  • Jack Elliott-Frey

    Yes Tony!

    I’ve had a shout out before ages ago, on podcast 105 I think. I’m the dude that boxes in my spare time (I’m a lover not a fighter though). I’ve wacked up Nu-Tone ‘Shine In’ as the latest post on my blog (where I talk rubbish about songs I like). Best tune to come out of Hospital recently, cannot stop listening to it!

    Hospital is by far and away my favourite label, I’ve been all over your music for ages, I can’t even remember what the first podcast I listened to was, I think it was somewhere around the 40s. Keep up the good work, your podcast sh*ts all the others I listen to (which are still excellent), such as Resident Advisor, Shogun and Ibiza Voice.

    BIG UP!

  • Andrey

    Children to whom the reference to an album Nu;tone(Word and Pictures) all tracks as 320 is necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marty

    Hi Tony!!! Love the podcast and everything you guys do at Hospital Records!!!! Also for Christmas my lady brought me one of those amazing 3D hospital logo shirts and i have yet to receive it because it has been out of stock… I would really like my Christmas present:) Will you guys be getting them in soon???? Thanks again for all the great jams and witty humor to go along with it!! Marty

  • Lori

    i agree with Henry. :)

  • Dave

    Hey Tony,

    Just wondering how come there isn’t a great deal of Hospital stuff on Spotify? I just want to know where you stand on it to be honest.

    Oh, and please could you do a Hospitality in Manchester?! I am fed up of ‘Indy’.



  • Wilf

    @ Andrey, the link is the following:

    Hopefully this will now work for you. I believe the ending of the URL was missing from your original URL

  • Oliver

    Hi Tony,

    At the end of the video below, High Contrast is playing a track that I haven’t heard before:

    Is there any chance you could ID it for me, or maybe even play it on the next podcast? :D

    I would love to grab it on vinyl if it were available.



  • Atmo

    Hi Tony,

    I know you may have already received many messages about his but when will your album be available for pre-order as I can’t wait for its release!!! Also over 2 weeks ago I ordered a load of stuff of the shop, such as new blood which I should have got months ago, and it hasn’t arrived yet. Wondering if this is to do with the fact that I also pre-ordered nu: tone’s new album as well which will mean the rest will come at the same time as the pre-order?

    Thanks, David Waltho (Atmo)

  • London Elektricity

    yo Atmo, have you contacted the shop? it seems there was one full mail bag that the post office ‘lost’ before christmas. email for more info on getting this resolved.

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